[RELEASE] Virtual Keypad

Disregard, I was able to find it just now by adjusting the height and width of the button contents:

.tile.button .tile-contents, .tile.attribute .tile-contents {
    height: calc(90%);
    width: calc(100%)

I am experiencing slow response and intermittent response on my Virtual Keypad on my Fire Tablet. Sometimes I have to touch a button several times to get it to accept the touch. When it does accept the touch, it takes several seconds to respond. It is set for local lan with a 1 second refresh rate. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I know this sounds silly but I had this issue a while ago and it was the Fire tablet, have you tried rebooting the tablet?

Similar issue here, Fire Tablet very slow or unresponsive. Reboot fixed it.

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Yes, I tried rebooting the Fire Tablet.

Hello everyone,

So I managed to get this installed, set into a dashboard and well positioned. However, I'm running into an issue when I try to use it to change HSM.

No matter what I do, the Keypad itself does NOT save the pin information within device settings. Each time I set it and click save, the settings clear.

I also went to the dashboard that it is setup in and added a test pin to the dashboard for HSM Commands. I then proceed to enter the pin in the keypad, the keypad records the pin entries onto the input but later says "INPUT DENIED."

Does anyone know what the issue is?


have you setup the pin in Lock code manager? That's how I manage all my codes/lock codes I've been using this for a couple years now with no issues. are you using the virtual keypad or Virtual basic Keypad?

Hey Mike,

Virtual Keypad.

I have not set the pins up in Lock Code Manager. I tried setting it up in the Device itself and also in the Dashboard itself with no success. Are we expected to use another app to store the pins in?

I just tried it in my test device and it saves the codes, when you go into your keypad device click get codes does it return anything in the current states (Mine shows the codes in the current states)