[RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**



I think they call it mode, but yes, it's of the same kind of things like Home and Away


If it's a program, it should show up in the Thermostat device attribute programsList in ES, and if it's a Mode, then it should show up in the supportedThermostatModes list - can you check if it appears in either?


demandResponse is definitely a program on ST. Eco was a mode on the first integration i used - don't remember which one though.


Which Ecobee DTH were you using on SmartThings where demandResponse was a program?

In ES, does demandResponse show up in programsList for the device?


Yeah, you should probably delete that post, he's extremely protective of his "product"


The field for the URL is blank.
I tried going through the original install links, but I am not seeing the names in HE as in the instructions.




Click this link for the list of installation links for Hubitat.


Ecobee Suite Updates released 14 June 2019 at 4:35pm EDT

This release introduces 2 pieces of new functionality;

  1. Two new attributes are exposed: currentProgramOwner and currentProgramType. Generally, these are of no real use unless you have signed up with your electric utility service allowing them to reduce your demand during heavy demand periods. According to the Ecobee API documentation, the currentProgramOwner will be defined as 'demandResponse' whenever the utility overrides your scheduled program.

    NOTE: I do NOT have any experience with this, as I have yet to be "controlled' by my utility.

    Some users say that it will be the currentProgramType that will change to 'demandResponse', and it is possible that the currentProgramName itself will indicate demandResponse. By exposing both of these attributes, users can now code responses/actions (like, "nah, override the override and just resumeProgram()")

  2. in the Smart Circulation Helper, it is now possible to specify whether the Modes and Programs restrictions are required to ALL be true, or if the Helper should change the circulation time when ANY of the restrictions are true (the latter is the default).

Changes include:

  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat, version 1.7.14 1.7.15
    • supports the new attributes: currentProgramOwner, currentProgramType, scheduledProgramOwner, scheduledProgramType
    • better handling of Program & Vacation changes
    • fixed bugs incancelVacation(), deleteVacation() and setVacationFanMinOnTime()
    • Fixed currrentThermostatHold typo (*2) - Thanks Joseph!
  • Ecobee Suite Manager, version 1.7.18
    • supports the above-listed new attributes
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Circulation, version 1.7.08
    • Added option to require ANY (default) or ALL of the configured restrictions
    • UI enhancements for settings page on HE

These updates are recommended for ALL Ecobee Suite users


Got it updated. Thanks.:grin:


I am having issues with Contacts and Switches again:

When I leave the door open for 1 minute, the system does not shut off as expected, however when I close the door, this is the log from Contacts & Switches (the HVAC ran the entire time and was never off):

[app:3879]( 03:22:09.241 pm [info]( sensors & switches are reset, but HVAC was already off when the first contact was opened, no action taken.

[app:3879]( 03:22:09.179 pm [info]( true

[app:3879]( 03:22:09.126 pm [info]( contact sensors are closed

[app:3879]( 03:22:08.945 pm [trace]( entered with event Entryway Front Door contact: closed

[app:3879]( 03:13:20.310 pm [info]( 1

[app:3879]( 03:13:20.178 pm [trace]( entered with event Entryway Front Door contact: open

This is the log from the thermostat:

[app:3687]( 03:22:09.224 pm [info]( & Switches allClosed(): true

[app:3687]( 03:22:09.172 pm [info]( & Switches All contact sensors are closed

[app:3687]( 03:14:25.901 pm [trace]( sent (330 / 6369ms)

[app:3687]( 03:14:25.454 pm [info]( thermostats Kitchen, Upstairs (411985555364,411985558325) completed

[app:3687]( 03:14:25.221 pm [info]( updates for 2 thermostats (EcobeeTherm: Kitchen, EcobeeTherm: Upstairs)

[app:3687]( 03:14:19.801 pm [info]( ( equipmentStatus runtime extendedRuntime weather ) for thermostats EcobeeTherm: Kitchen, EcobeeTherm: Upstairs (411985555364,411985558325)

[app:3687]( 03:14:19.411 pm [info]( thermostats EcobeeTherm: Kitchen, EcobeeTherm: Upstairs (411985555364,411985558325)

[app:3687]( 03:13:20.353 pm [info]( & Switches numOpen(): 1


What version of the Contacts & Switches are you running now?




As always, when you have problems with the code, please check if there is a newer version - it might solve your problem.

In this case, the latest Contacts & Switches is version 1.7.16


Ecobee Suite Updated on 18 June, 2019 at 2:45pm EDT

Fixes include:

  • Ecobee Suite Manager, version 1.7.19
    • Fixed reservations logic (null [] list handling)
    • Automatically re-initialize upon hub reboot (HE only, I think)
    • Added some more read-only attributes to the setEcobeeSetting() command
  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat, version 1.7.16
    • Fixed preferences{} declariation
    • Resolved putAt() error from Hubitat platform after running a command

I also slip-streamed the following updates over the past weekend:

  • Ecobee Suite Contacts & Switches, version 1.7.16
    • Better handling of multi-sensor configurations
    • Typos & formatting
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Circulation, version 1.7.08
    • Typos & formatting

These enhancements are recommended for ALL Ecobee Suite Users



Feature request (unless I have no idea where it is): I would like to have a switch the deactivates everything about the Universal Ecobee Suite. Not just the helpers. We have a dog boarding business and sometimes we have a need to keep the air on no matter what the situation may be. I don't want to have to disable each helper app in order to get the desired results which is just run the AC. Can there be a global switch to pause the entire app?


Aaron -

Interesting request.

I'm not sure that I can pause "Everything"; would it be enough if I provided a way to pause all of the Helpers (as if you had manually done a pause on each)?


Yes that would be great! But a single place to pause all helpers with a virtual switch is preferred over each helper being configured. :slight_smile:


Yes, I'll create a single place to Pause/unPause them all (or you could unpause the ones you want manually).

It is going to take a few days, though - I'm chasing some functionality corruption at the moment...


Thank you!


The latest version I posted today includes the "Global Pause" functionality you asked for. The switch for this is at the top of the Helpers page within ES Manager, and I managed to include a nice trick: while this will make sure that ALL Helpers are paused, it will only unpause those Helpers that weren't already paused when Global Pause was enabled (I have several Helpers that I keep configured but paused until the right season comes along again).

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any issues (it was actually very tricky to get this to work on both Hubitat and SmartThings...)