[RELEASE] Unified Thermostat Driver - MELCloud, MELView, Kumo Cloud and more if you want

Try turning on debug logging in the Preference Settings of the parent device, then send me any logs you see shortly after on a private message.

It may be a little while before I get a chance to look at it....

i managed to update drivers to work with melcloud european... if someone need it please ask

First of all, thankyou. By update do you mean update the code? If so, then yes, I'd definitely be interested so I can include it in the released version.

yes i update the code, but... in process i may change some of the code needed for another plataforms....
the main problem was in authcode and the type of strings in use.

Can you send me a copy? So I can take a look? If you don't mind.

how can i send ?

If you click / tap on my avatar, next to my last reply, in the pop-up that appears, there should be a "Message" button, if you press that you can send me a message. If you don't see the button, then I should be able to help you get access to do that.

Alternatively, if it is a small enough piece of code that you changes, I'm happy for you to post it here.

I'd be curious to know if any existing users have experienced any issues connecting to MELCloud. I am suspecting this may have been @Simonfea 's issue, given it was a 401 error. There may be one or two others who also have seen similar issues.

The changes seem reasonable and won't affect other platforms. I will try and take another look at this tomorrow evening and if I can, release a fix.

Thanks again for your work on this @ruipinheiro65.

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Sorry, but I am unlikely to get to this fix for MELCloud until the weekend. I will post back here when it is available.

Yes: similar here, new installation: 401 auth problem

Ok, I'll actually release an update today. Apologies for not getting it out last weekend.

I've released an update (version 1.0.33) that includes an alternate method for reading the response when authenticating with the MELCloud service. Thanks to @ruipinheiro65 for working on this for me. I would be interested to see if this works for others as well, given I can't really test in the European platform at the moment. If anyone is interested in playing around in the code, you can look at lines 449 and 450 in the parent driver to see the old (commented out) approach and the new. I have a nagging doubt that there is something else going on, but I can't put my finger on it, but if this works, I don't want to hold it back. Now I'm just rambling... :slight_smile:

There are a couple of other things happening that users have reported in Europe, around problems getting setup with these drivers. So the update I made will likely not fix all of these.

@theoldhallbramham - I can at least reproduce your issue now, and have something to look into, hopefully I'll sort it out shortly. Basically if you change the platform selected, after having already saved preferences once, it is not changing the api url. Should be a simple one.... :slight_smile:

Yes, it was simple in the end. @theoldhallbramham - Could you please try setting up your thermostat again with the new version I just released, 1.0.34. When you change the platform in the Preference Settings, the Base URL should now also change to the correct URL for the Platform.

I'm hopeful this may have been the issue @user6470 and @Simonfea were having, so would be interested to see if these latest fixes have made a different for you. Apologies for the delay for each of you in getting something out.

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Works perfectly (Europe) - thanks so much!

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Thanks for confirming @user5015 .

I'd be interested to know if the issue is the line 449/450 or the setting of the BaseURL state variable. If anyone in Europe (and I know that is a loose definition nowadays) is willing to tweak lines 449 and 450 to swap the comment around and run a Refresh command on the parent, I'd be interested to know the result.

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Hi thankyou, mine is an interesting one, i have 5 devices on my melcloud, 4 are online 1 is offline, it only made one child device and it was for the offline one, any ideas on this ?

i can do this for you, do you want mine to be fully working before i try it? it now seems to have signed me in but only 1 child was made out of 5 available, the one it made has not been online in at least 4 months lol

I'd be interested in seeing what effect it has regardless of the device creation issue, so if you could give it a try that would be great. If you need any help in what to do, let me know, but basically:

  • Take note of the Authentication Code on the parent device, alongside the Base URL (don't post it here)
  • Open the parent driver
  • Comment / uncomment the alternate lines of code
  • Turn on debug logging on the parent device
  • You may need to run the Refresh command on the parent device
  • Wait to see if the authentication code changes and/or check the logs

If it works, then I suspect it has been the issue of the Base URL not being adjusted. If the current code is required, then that is something I want to investigate some more.

Do you have Floors / Areas / etc setup in MELCloud? There may be still be one or two combinations of these I have not catered for. There have been a few users kind enough to assist me in developing / testing this, so I may need to go back over some of their code to see if I have not included something or there are some combinations we have missed.