[RELEASE] Unifi Wifi Presence

Yeah I dont have a UDM-Pro to test against yet.

My UDM-Pro order got cancelled because they figured out I was going to export it to Canada. It's hit the Canada store now but sold out :frowning:

On another note, this has been rock solid since the update 3 days ago.

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Same. Just wanted to update @mike10. Great job. I've stopped using Iphone presence sensor.

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I don't have Unifi yet, but I plan to upgrade my house so his sounds super appealing. But from the original post I'm having a hard time understanding what this Driver does?

I'm looking for anything that helps me push myself to make the switch sooner than latter and justify it to my wife :wink:

The drivers allow hubitat to detect the presence of a wifi device and also block devices from joining wifi.

My use cases:

  • Automation for when I get home and leave based on my phone arriving or disappearing.
  • Monitoring a few devices if they drop off of wifi I get alerted.
  • Block my kids wifi access via automation and google home.

I use the Phone WiFi Presence app for that scenario today. This sounds like a more reliable Unifi specific way (beyond dumb status IP polling) to achieve that plus some additional awesomeness. Thank you!

Hey Mike, since I use these with 1 second interval, which works flawless, can you add an option to suppress the info logging? My live logs are running over my screen like hell when I try to look for something else :crazy_face:

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I did use the iPhone WiFi Presence app. Mike's app is more reliable for me since I use Unifi. I'd like to note that this works great with Presence Governor.

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Also, if you're doing an update......I'd love the above....And could you change the logs to say
Device name arrived, rather than arrived. That way, dumbo me can be lazier.

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How are you finding the arrival with Unifi? I am feeling that it's taking longer for me to arrive than my previous iPhone presence sensor method. I suspect it's an issue with Unifi.

I haven't got an iPhone. My household has 2 xiaomi pocophone f1's. So it can be unifi, but also the phone itself which is taking longer then you would want. And maybe even the settings in the phone. Typically in my case when I turn on wifi on my phone it takes about 3 seconds and then I pop up in unifi. So for me it's perfect.

I installed this app this morning and it's working well but it seems that my unifi cloud key gen 2+ is taking forever to refresh. does anyone know how to speed up the refresh automatically ? The present/not present works but I need to force refresh the client screen in Unify

Nope, and I don't think there is any setting to change it.

Thanks, I'll do some more testing, Its quicker when I arrive but when I leave it takes more than 2 hours to change state

2 hours! Something is wrong there.

I'll reboot the cloud key when I get home, i looked this afternoon on other Unity forums but could not find a way to speed it up.

Two updates:
Added the option to logging commands to disable based on the logging button.
Also added device name to the logging.

You only need to update the "unifi-child-presence.groovy"


What is the most efficient way to update the drivers? Is there any way for Hubitat to automatically pull the latest version from the RAW Github URL? Or, should I just copy/paste over the old driver?

The latter. Just copy paste.

If the driver has the importURL: metadata set, you can open the driver code page, click Import, and the URL is prefilled to just click Import and update to the latest.

Unfortunately the importURL is only set on the parent driver here - any chance we can get it added for the child driver in the next update? :slight_smile: