[RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1 (PIR motion sensors and mmWave presence radars) w/ healthStatus

@AdrianCanuck please identify your device model and manufacturer ( the ''Device Details' data section at the bottom of the web page). I just counted 57 (fifty-seven) different mmWave sensors devices, each of these may behave differently.

Hello, thank you for your response. I tried to pair it several times near the hub. Even I let it sit near the hub after pair several hours. When I pair it it shows battery status and motion active but never switch to inactive. When I switch it to inactive manually (with motion button) it will never go active with motion again. I have Hub C-8

Can you post the model/manufacturer data ?

I mean this :

Device Details

Also, please post of the State Variables section

State Variables

Snímek obrazovky 2023-11-19 202143
Snímek obrazovky 2023-11-19 202222

TS0202 _TZ3040_bb6xaihh requires the following options to be enabled in the Preferences section :

This device does not send itself 'motion inactive' event, that's why the software timer must be used.

If it still doesn't work, please update to the latest dev, branch version (the link is in the second post), currently it is ver. "1.6.8" "2023/11/13 11:50 PM"


Your work towards this driver is amazing and I for one I am very grateful
I have 2 of these:

For the life of me I cannot get it to stay on more than a few mins unless I wave my hands in front of it
I have played with the settings.Cranked sensitivity to the max to no change.
I put it on the desk before me just to test and eliminate any false positives etc
I mean for something that claims it can detect the breathing (I take this with a grain of salt) It behaves like a regular motion detector.

So I'm thinking
1.I got some dud or one of the many knockoffs of the knockoffs
2. I am doing something very wrong
3.All of the above :slight_smile:
What I'm trying to achieve is really simple. Want to be able to stay at my desk working and have the light on. When I leave after the presence is no longer detected turn the light off

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I have received my Tuya 5.8 ghz presence sensor. I am pretty new to radar/mmwave sensors in general. While I am getting motion events, it states in "Current States" section that my radar is disabled.

After loading the latest 4 in 1 driver it did auto-detect "Tuya TS0225_HL0SS9OA Human Presence Detector" for this device so I think that is correct. Also am really confused as to how we set the advanced settings for the different room types. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Me too and I was just about to post the same question.


I noticed some copy/paste bugs in some of the TS0225_HL0SS9OA radar parameters - please wait for a fix in the next few days.


Thank you kindly. I really appreciate all of your hard work.

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Hi @stephen_nutt @Jiveman @AdrianCanuck ,

As it may take longer than I expected to publish a new version for TS0225_HL0SS9OA , please switch temporarily to the old version 1.5.3

This is a direct link for download :

After downloading and installing as a new driver, manually switch to the old version :

(you can have the old version assigned only to your TS0225_HL0SS9OA radar, while using at the same time the last version for other devices that use the 4 In 1 driver.

Please let me know if the changing of the radar preferences is working OK with the old version?

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I just updated (or downgraded as it were), and it does seem to have corrected this 0-disabled reading. Will be watching the releases, thanks again!

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@kkossev Since you helped me identify that my device was not working properly with my C-8. It was a "TS0601_SXM7L9XA_RADAR." Is there one of these that do work reliably so I can deploy it with my C-8? Is there one you recommend?

I avoid recommending a particular model ... But a lot of HE users seems to berather happy with the Linptech/Moes 24Ghz Presence Sensor.


Any sensors that are outdoor capable?

I can't recall a motion/presence sensor rated for outdoor use ... except one Philips Hue model maybe?

Actually, with the mmWave sensors you can seal the device in your own DIY enclosure - it 'sees' through plastic boxes. The challenge may be safely feeding the 5V or 12V DC power.


I rolled back to the older driver and wow what a difference :+1:
Seems to be tracking fairly accurate my presence without me waving my hand in front of it

Thank you

Well, this is a temporary workaround, there is no going back to the old copy&paste&modify style driver - it reached the maximum code segment limits! :frowning:

When I am ready with the fixes in the current driver version, will ping you for a new test.

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Very much appreciated!!!! :clinking_glasses:
Thank you!

I'm out of town but will try the old version when I return. Thank you.

EDIT: I am back and it seems to be working as expected with the Current Status enabled. Also, I like the drop down menu for Set Par in this version better than other that requires typing in the Parameter. Thank you for this.