[RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee mmWave Sensors (code moved from the Tuya 4 In 1 driver)

Thank you. Setting it to ''Tuya Human Presence Detector 7GCLUKJS'' worked. by default it was using "Tuya Human Presence Detector SXM7L9XA"

Did the ‘LOAD ALL DEFAULTS’ select the right device profile?

If not, this means this device fingerprint is wrong in the driver…

Can you temporarily switch to the HE inbuilt ‘Device’ driver, click on ‘Get Info’ button and select/copy/paste as a text the generated fingerprint from the live logs?

@kkossev - also meant to ask whether the battery level attribute is available/can be exposed with this same Tuya mmWave + PIR sensor. Thoughts?

Hi Mark - yes. the battery can be exposed, but I have to finish some other already started projects first. The most important one is the refactoring of the old 'Tuya 4 In 1' driver to use the same libraries as in the new Tiya mmWave driver.


Trying to understand this presence sensor.... there has been no activity in room for almost 3 hours but it still says motion is active.
It seemed like some of the drivers had a timer that would change active to inactive...does this do that at all ?
How does this sensor handle sensing a person that is NOT moving (i.e. sleeping).... there is no "presence" output just a motion output.
I want to turn off the ceiling fan if no one is in the room and its during the day... i was hoping this did detect presence and not just motion...
Also there is settings for alarm which I've enabled but I've never heard a sound...do they make sounds?

Hi Tim,

I have commented many times - these devices are NOT presence sensors. I never use the term 'presence sensor'. They are simply very sensitive motion sensors, that process and analyze the the radio wave reflections from any moving object. It may be a human breathing or a plant leaf moving from the air flow - the reflections are (nearly) the same.

In your case, the ceiling fan may be detected as a moving object...

Making a difference between a human and a fan often involves AI (or Machine Learning algorithms) - I think this is the case with Aqara FP2 and Aqara Cloud servers.

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thank you! really appreciate the clarification... I will turn off the fan and see if it goes inactive.

I notice also that 'smallMotionDetectionSensitivity' parameter is set to 10 - is this the maximum sensitivity for this device? If yes - try decreasing it ...
There are a lot of fine-tune parameters for this mmWave sensor - are there any details on the leaflet that comes with the sensor?

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Geeze..... motion is inactive ...you were spot on...
ha...so not the right application for turning off the fan : (


Experiment with re-positioning the sensor - lower it toward the floor if possible.

unfortunately did not come with any documentation...I think that is the max for that and I can try reducing....the net is my great idea of using this to turn off the fan is DOA. But I have a motion sensor in the room that I will use.