[RELEASE] Tuya Temperature Humidity Illuminance LCD Display with a Clock (w/ healthStatus)

Yes, mine changed to Fahrenheit (after a short delay) when asked. As to the max/min alarms, it won't start shrieking in the night if I set the alarms will it?

I don't know yet, mine keep silent all the time :slight_smile:

Actually sorry it does the opposite. Choosing Celcius turns it to F and vice versa. It started off as C when it was in autodetect. I'll do the alarm test tomorrow, rather than overnight, just in case

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I don't think there is a buzzer or anything like that inside the device,
... and after last weekend's tests of my Ring Security Alarm, I am now not afraid of what may come out of such a small box! :sweat_smile:

The device should simply send events - I have named them 'minTempAlarm' and 'maxTempAlarm'.
They are used in Tuya Smart Life to easily trigger automations based on the preconfigured upper and lower limits.

Of course, in Hubitat the same automations can be achieved in a much more flexible way... So I am in doubt now if we ever need such events (minimum/maximum temperature/humidity limits exceeded). But because the device firmware supports these parameters, I have added them into the driver.

It may turn out that the minimum and the maximum temperature parameters are swapped... Like the Celsius/Fahrenheit in the current driver version. I still have to analyze and experiment whether the temperature scale settings mismatch is a bug, or our two devices (different manufacturers) are different.

This is confusing - I don't seem to have a max temperature setting in preferences, yet min temperature setting makes max temperature show as "active" in the current states

I have sent the logs covering the changing of that setting. NB my device display is showing Celsius but I notice it's changed to Fahrenheit on the device page, I think it was C when I last checked yesterday... not 100% sure now though

Lol just changed it to AutoDetect and now I have F on my device and C on my page :smiley:

Wow, your device interprets the settings exactly the opposite way than mine! I was hoping they are the same,, :frowning:

OK, please wait for the update in the next few days - I will make the default settings according to your device (thank you for the logs!).

The F and C thing definitely reversed, but not so sure about the max/min temp thing. For example setting min temp to a different temperature will (often/sometimes) toggle the max temp to active. But often when I reopen the page they will both show inactive again without the temperature relationship having changed. Not sure it's worth your hassle juggling with that, just let users rely on Hubitat's own rule making to sort that out. (as in just get rid of those options from the device page lol)

Will give it a last try during the weekend and if the max/min alarms don't work will comment out the code and move on... You are right, that's not worth the hassle when used within HE environment.

Did you get a chance to look into this? All I am really missing is having the celcius/farhenheit toggle matching on both device and hubitat.

Unfortunately not yet, I was traveling last days, hope to be able to make the fix tomorrow when I will be back home.

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Hi @Inge_Jones , can you reload the new version and check if the Celsius/Fahrenheit setting is OK now?
What happens if you double-click the button on top of the device, does it change C/F scale?

No it's still the same - switched. I did initialise a couple of times since saving the latest driver. The double-click on the button does change the reading. I have now tried using the button to set them the same (celsius) and will leave it a while to see if it retains that.

Check what the debug logs are saying (if anything) when you double-click the button on the top.
My device does not react in any way on double-tap, nor the temperature scale symbol is changed.... Just another Tuya weirdness, two devices that look the same but behave rather differently :frowning:

dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.499 infoTuyaTempHumClock Temperature scale reported by device is: Fahrenheit
dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.496 traceTuyaTempHumClock dp_id=4 dp=9 fncmd=0
dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.377 infoTuyaTempHumClock Temperature scale reported by device is: Fahrenheit
dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.375 traceTuyaTempHumClock dp_id=4 dp=9 fncmd=0
dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.256 infoTuyaTempHumClock humidity is 52 % RH
dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.254 traceTuyaTempHumClock dp_id=2 dp=2 fncmd=52
dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.077 infoTuyaTempHumClock temperature is 19.7 °C
dev:5792022-02-20 18:41:34.074 traceTuyaTempHumClock dp_id=2 dp=1 fncmd=197

Except... I had just changed it to Celsius... And when I change it to F it says reported scale is C. However it remains in sync when I use the button to sync it, so that's good.

If you change any other setting (like the temperature reporting sensitivity) and press 'Save Preferences', is the temp. displayed on the LCD still correct (in Celsius) ?

No, any attempt to "Save Preferences" sets the device to the opposite of the scale showing on the page. Though it doesn't take a moment to press the button again.

Thank you for the tests and your patience! :slight_smile:

I have now published version 1.0.4 where the Celsius/Fahrenheit settings for the TS0601_Tuya devices group are finally correct.

Hi, if I understand correctly the same driver works for all of the listed devices? A few of them have buttons on the device. It's probably too much to hope for any of those to be button controllers?

I'd like to have a device like this where I could click a button to lower or raise the temperature. Basically a remote thermostat that take input.

I'll probably by one of these just for the fun of it. Any strong preferences having worked with these for a while?

The driver is designed to work with all of the different Tuya devices that are shown in the first post. What is common is that all they measure temperature and humidity, some measure also the illuminance, and some are showing a real-time clock on the LCD display, that is synchronized with HE hub time.

These are not button controllers, the knob that is present on some models is used to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit scale or is used just for pairing. And you can't push what is displayed as temperature on the LCD, so these can not work as as remote control units for a thermostat.

I have been experimenting with using a wall thermostat LCD display and Up/Down keys controls as a remote controller for my real TRVs. A simple RM rule will intercept the heating setpoint change from the wall thermostat keys and will send the new target temperature to the real TRV (or any other thermostat or HVAC system, real or virtual). The wall thermostat displays both the target temperature and the measured room temperature from the built-in temperature sensor. It works but is not the ideal solution IMHO, there are a lot of small details that I don't like.

From the Tuya sensors w/ displays shown above I have the first and the last ones. The _TZE200_LVE3DVPY model works stable, but I can't change the scale to Fahrenheit. The last one with the milk e-Ink display looks great, but does not work stable with any HA system, even when paired to the original Tuya gateway, so do not buy it! So probably the second ( _TZE200_LOCANSQN) and the third ( _TZ3000_QAAYSLLP) models are worth trying,

Thanks for the info. I'm a little surprised that the market has not come up with a scene remote that also has an LCD display that could not display some alpha numeric values. I'm sure it will come as it would have a lot of potential.
I'm in the same boat, old house where the upper floors can be 4-7 degrees warmer in the summer and a thermostat located on the ground floor. We have a Honeywell system that has a remote that we keep by the bedside and just click a button to select the remote as the temperature source. Works very well but I find the Hubitat\Honeywell integration just to unreliable and unusable. I want to get rid of it, but not until I can come up with a workable alternative.

I did see the wall thermostats you referred to and had the same thought but decided against it as I want something handheld and battery powered.

I opted for one of these (TZ3000_QAAYSLLP) off of Amazon and should get it next week. I read elsewhere that it should be accurate to +-0.3 so I plan to use it as a reference temp for setting all my remote temperature devices.

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