[RELEASE] Tuya Temperature Humidity Illuminance LCD Display with a Clock (w/ healthStatus)

@Lee_K thank you for the feedback!

This seems strange, the 'application' data value is usually a decimal number... but with Tuya devices you never know!

Is there a button (probably on the top of the device) that changes the temperature scale C/F ?

Now I think that I have made it too complicated by exposing this C/F/Auto option as a preference.. I am planning to remove it, and simply use the hub global setting. There is no sense to choose a scale different than the one that is set globally for the hub. And not all devices support it.

'Initialize' button is another capability that I plan to remove from this driver. It is not needed for this type of sensors, was useful for me when I was changing different drivers back and forth, but now it is not needed.

When the 'Model Group' preference is set to 'Auto Detect' (this is the setting by default), the driver is trying to set internally the correct device model, based on the Model and Manufacturer data. But the actually detected model is not visible on the device UI page, so I can show it in the 'State Variables' section to avoid confusion.

That's a bit strange, could be a result from changing different C/F/Auto options.

I am afraid your device does not support displaying the temperature in Fahrenheit itself. This is exactly the case with the first device shown in the first post ( _TZE200_lve3dvpy). While changing C/F on the LCD display works for the third device ( _TZ3000_qaaysllp), that however has a physical button on the top...

Does your device have a buzzer built-in? I am not sure whether the alarm function is enabled by default - rapidly changing the humidity above 75% may produce a beeping sound. Does this device have a 'Reset' button on the top?

@kkossev Thank you for your detailed reply and all your work on the Tuya drivers!

Yes, my device has a button on top. Physically it looks exactly like the second image in your initial post. The button worked to find the device with a long press, but otherwise it doesn't appear to do anything.

My current humidity is 51% so I set the Minimal Humidity Alarm to 75% and also changed the Maximum time between humidity reports to 60 seconds. After a few minutes, there's no beeping. About ten minutes after making this change, Events shows a humidity report but no beeping has occurred.

For what it's worth, the product page on Aliexpress does not mention a built-in buzzer. It does state that the temp can be displayed in C or F but maybe they're referring to the App's display, not the LCD.

  1. Temperature Unit Selection in APP
    You can choose ℃ or ℉ as the temperature unit through app.

Like I mentioned before, none of this is a big deal. I only bought this unit for experimentation and whether the LCD displays in a familiar form or not, I can still use it as a trigger in rules if I want.

Thanks again for your help.

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@kkossev Do any of these devices show the time in 12 hour am / pm format?

Unfortunately I can't recall such an option.

Can you see how temperature changed over time on the graph with those drivers?

Yes, you can try the Hubigraphs community app to draw timeline graphs like this one.

Hi, friends. Newbie here. I tried to add this model (MANUFACTURER : _TZ3000_QAAYSLLP) to my C5 Hubitat, but it failed. I tried to (1) add new device); (2) add device manually - zigbee; but the device didn't appear. I paired this device to the tuya app before. How do I factory reset this device? How I start the zigbee pairing mode in this device? I tried the "reset" button - it starts the EZ mode (led flash quickly) and the AP mode (led flash slowly), but it didn't work. Any tips? Thanks!!!

Hi @tiagokm ,

Do you also have a Tuya Zigbee gateway device? If not, then there is a possibility that you have a WiFi model...

If this is the case, you can still use the temperature/humidity/illuminance sensor in Hubitat via Tuya Cloud integration : [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)

Thank you, @kkossev! You're right, I have the wifi model. I'll try the Tuya Cloud integration.

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I have this one:

ID: 2362

Manufacturer: _TZE200_pay2byax

Product Name:

Model Number: TS0601

deviceTypeId: 218

manufacturer : _TZE200_pay2byax

idAsInt : 1

inClusters : 0001,0500,0000

endpointId : 01

profileId : 0104

application : 52

outClusters : 0019,000A

initialized : true

model : TS0601

stage : 4

It isn't work. If i select TS0601, i can see change temperature value between 0 and 0.1 when i use a magnet in this contact device. I can't see any illuminance value. This sensor have a reed and illuminance sensor.

This seems to be a Tuya door/window contact sensor only, I can't find any information that it is capable of reporting illuminance as well... Can you post a link to the site where this device was purchased?
To make it work as a contact sensor only, you can try the inbuilt 'Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp)' driver. If it does not work, you can try also Tomas1's driver published here : Tuya zigbee contact sensor - #18 by tomas1

I bought it on aliexpress and it is a contact sensor with ilñuminance sensor.


€ 11,60 30%de DESCUENTO | Tuya Zigbee-Sensor de iluminación de ventana y puerta 2 en 1, Detector de brillo, alarmas de seguridad inteligentes abiertas/cerradas para Alexa y Google


As i said, when i put in close state it shows temperature 0.1 and when i put in open state it shows temperature 0. So i can use with this driver but not for the illuminance sensor.

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I tried with Tomas driver but it isn't works. Next i check for more options and i find your driver.
Now i'm trying to undeerstand how to program software to create i new driver between both but it looks to dificult for me...

Thank you Hector, it is now clear that this device really has an illuminance sensor in addition to the magnetic contact / reed relay sensor, as well as it is clear that at the moment there is no Tuya driver in HE for this device...

At this time I am not sure whether it is a good idea to extend this driver or make a new dedicated one, but lets use this driver for the inital experiments.

Make sure you are using the latest development branch version (the link in the second post), Press the Initialize button, at the same time when the device is active (activate the contact sensor for example).
Make sure the Debug option in the preferences section is switched on.

Then observe the logs when you open/close the contact and when you change the illuminance.
Copy and paste the logs, then first select the multiple log lines and use the 'Hide details' tool in the forum message editor:

Analyzing the logs we will hopefully see what are the messages sent when the illuminance is reported.

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This is dev:712 info with the driver. I selected
Ts 0601_tuya.

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@Hector please update the driver to the latest development version 1.0.7 (the link is in the second post) . Then press the Initialize button, the model automatically selected should be 'TS0601_Contact'.
Let me know if it works.

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Thats great!! It works. I can see illuminance. I can see the state of the reed with the temperature value: 0.1 open 0 close.

You can see the new logs here.

This device open a new world of posibilities for me. Thanks again.

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Did you press the Initialize button? Then refresh the web page and check whether under the 'State variables' the device is recognized correctly as * modelGroup : TS0601_Contact
If recognized correctly, It should send a 'contact' event with values 'open' or 'close'.

i do what you said but It not send a 'contact' event with values 'open' or 'close'. Only change the temperature between ' and 0.1 as i told.

I repairing the device with same conclusion.

i see too, that the refresh button don´t works with the illuminance. This value only change when i open or close, i don´t know if this could be done.

(closed window shows:)
Current States

  • humidity : 100
  • illuminance : 1
  • temperature : 0

(open window shows:)

Current States

  • humidity : 100
  • illuminance : 1
  • temperature : 0.1

Illuminance not change on this test because i done without light, only a far led in my living room.

I solved it.

I change the code with this

if (getModelGroup() == "TS0601_Contact") {
def value = fncmd == 1 ? "closed" : "open"
sendEvent("name": "contact", "value": value)
if (settings?.txtEnable) log.info "${device.displayName} Contact is ${value}" open()

and i finish it with this

void open() {
logInfo("Contact open")

void close() {
logInfo("Contact closed")

Trying to force it to refresh...

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