[RELEASE] TP-Link Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration


The H110 plugs only handle up to 13A/3Kw (or less kW on some plugs if you go by some of the reviews on Amazon) would think that was below what you'd need for an electric car charger. Having a quick look around the smallest 2 or 3 chargers I found were 3kW and 16A. Also even if there are 13A/3kW chargers to be had they would quickly overwhelm these plugs and they'd shutdown with thermal overload.

Best option for that would be one of the DIN rail relays I would have thought. Think they handle way more than 3Kw with some handling up to 65A at 240v (so around 15kW) though to be fair I don't know enough about electric cars to be sure. At least then if you decide to put one of the 7kW chargers in you're covered.



good info on the two selectedDevices. Points to where the problem is at this time. for now, replacing and reinstalling may work. (I DO NOT LIKE THAT OPTION.)



I have a Chevy Volt, Class I charger. It maximizes at 12 Amp, but is normally 8 Amp. Using an HS105 (will handle 15 Amp per device label).



Ahhh you're in the land of funny electrics :wink: Apologies assumption again that you were in the UK :slight_smile:



Failure to install new devices

What version of the App are your using (at bottom of first page)?

Note: I recently updated to 3.6.01. Amoung other items, the new version removes the "selectedDevices" from the app when entering addDevices and removeDevices. Target was to fix such a problem. That is why 3.6.01 is desired.

Update instructions:

  1. Go to the GitHub site and copy the driver code from the desired driver(s).
  2. On the Driver Code page in the environment, open the driver and replace the existing code with the updated code.
  3. Same process for the Application.

Testing completed.
a. Removed two Kasa HS105 plugs from the Kasa Account.
b. Installed Cloud Version using Version 3.6.01.
c. Installed all devices available (9 total).
d. Checked installed devices (OK).
e. Re-installed (erasing parameters) the two HS105 devices in the Kasa Acct
f. Ran App again. Installed one HS105.
1. Installed normal.
2. App details page show only on selectedDevices
g. Ran App again for other HS105. Same Results



Hrm, using 3.5.02 it seems. Is it the "TP-Link Hubitat Manager" on your GitHub page? That seems to be the same version, I don't see a 3.6.x


There is no 3.6 version yet. It is currently internal to me. I will update this afternoon.


Well, that would definitely explain why I don't see it :slight_smile: I'll test it this evening hopefully. Thanks!


Update to 3.6.01.

The latest driver and app versions on on GitHub. Additionally, I added a sub-directory with the last 3.5 version.

Fix to problems with selectDevices not clearing in the App.
Added passing App Version to the Device Handler. This will be refined in further versions to allow a compare with the SmartApp to determine if there is an issue.
Other minor clean-up.


awesome, works for me. I didn't do any removal/add.. just replaced code, and went to install new devices. it took it this time.


My first app install as a converted ex-ST user:

Installed this driver for my switches: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DaveGut/Hubitat-TP-Link-Devices/master/Device%20Handlers/TP-Link%20Multi-Plug%20(Hubitat).groovy

Attempting to install this app: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DaveGut/Hubitat-TP-Link-Devices/master/NodeJS%20Files/TP-LinkHub_v3.js

But I get this error message:

startup failed: Script1.groovy: 31: unexpected token: var @ line 31, column 6. for (var k in interfaces) { ^ 1 error on line null

Any advice?


The node.js is for your raspberryPI and not for HE.


Ah, so TP-Link only works with a pi added to the setup?


If you want only local TP-Link execution and not rely on any cloud components.


ok, I'm ok with cloud on these lights, I've got the driver installed, how do i get it cloud connected?


Just follow the instructions in the HE app you installed. It covers both cloud and local.


Ah I see, have now installed this one https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DaveGut/Hubitat-TP-Link-Devices/master/Service%20Manager/TP-Link%20Hubitat%20Manager.groovy

Thanks :slight_smile:


ok, followed the instructions, it discovered the 3 plugs and i installed them but they don't appear in devices?


Did you install all of the Device handlers?


No, i had only done the one i thought it was but clearly i was wrong. I added them all and now we're golden :slight_smile:

Thank you @aaron