[RELEASE] TP-Link/Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration


I need some data.

  • Run the App again.
  • Before Install, ENABLE debug logging at the bottom of the page.
  • Open a debug window in a separate window.
  • Select in the App "Install Kasa Devices...."
  • Copy the debug window text and paste here as text.


I actually needed to update the drivers and app first! I didn't realize it had been so long! I was still on 4.6. For me that was all I needed to do. Sorry to butt in! :slight_smile:

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My mistake. I think I was being too impatient with expecting the device to come online and visible to Hubitat, but it's detecting it and all is well.

Thanks for having support for these devices! It looks like it's working for me and at least @ronald.r.weiler , so maybe it can be listed as supported now.

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I have over 50 Kasa devices - they were amongst my first smart devices years ago. This driver has been at the core of my successful Smart Home!!!!


Hi can you please list the process? I also got the KP105 and I just cannot set it up my hubitat. What did you choose in the Type field? Thanks

Just added my first energy monitoring plug. a KP115.

Seems to be working fine, but I was looking to get a little quicker updates on the power use (I'm graphing that). I'm reading about fast polling but don't see that in the EM Plug settings page.

I lowered the poll interval to 5 minutes. If I drop that to 1 minute, is it going to hurt my hubs performance? (I'm using LAN, not cloud FWIW).

What version of the app/driver are you using? You description does not sound like the current version (6.3) where all polling (down to 5 seconds) is in the "Set Poll Interval" command. This allows changing the poll interval from a rule when deemed advantageous.

If you are on local integration, poll intervals of 1 minute or greater do not impact hub performance. Intervals of less than one minute have the potential to impact the hub performance, if the hub is already highly loaded and you have a lot of devices with quivk polling.

Instructions for installation as well as data needed for troubleshooting are contained at: HubitatActive/Documentation.pdf at master · DaveGut/HubitatActive · GitHub

The latest app version is 6.3 and automatically detects the type during installation. If you have problems while using the latest version, you can reply with the data listed in the Documentation. The current versions do not contain a manual installation capability.


I'm using the latest from HPM. I see the 5 seconds in the polling interval box. I was still looking for the fast polling option from the screenshots way above. Didn't realize it just moved.

I think 1 minute is plenty of granularity for me. I'll go with that.

Thank you again!

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I just installed the latest from HPM and having a problem with rules. The device is KP115 with set poll interval at 1 minute.

In basic rule 1.0 the rule says if power has become <10.0 for one minute turn the switch off. This rule does not fire when the conditions are met.

I also have a notification rule in basic rule 1.0 to notify if switch is turned off. This rule works.

I also have a rule in Rule 4.1 that says if the power reports <2.0 to turn the switch off. This rule works.

Any ideas on why one would work and not the other?

If anyone has noticed the LED status of on/off displaying incorrectly in the devices list--such as if you click on the "LED on" button more than once in succession (click twice in a row)--I've created a pull request to update the driver.
If you'd like the updated code for one of the five drivers immediately: HubitatActive/KasaDevices/DeviceDrivers at Jon8RFC-LED-device-status-fix-rev2 · Jon8RFC/HubitatActive · GitHub

Thanks again, Dave, this is great to have these handy plugs supported!

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There will be a release to resolve the issue in all applicable drivers in the next couple of weeks.

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New release 6.3.3 is available on GitHub and via HPM.

Changes are limited to the LED On/Off functions.



Hi @djgutheinz - quick question - I have this driver running great using the package manager (HPM). But, sometimes when updating it I noticed a DEPRECATED message in HPM's release notes section (I forgot to get a screenshot..)

I'm wondering if I have 2 versions of this driver and can safely delete one of them?

I see both of these listed in HPM:

I also see these 3 drivers in Hubitat:

Also, FWIW the "Community Thread" link for both of these lead to a 'page not found'

Hello fellow Page whos first name also starts with J...
The "Cloud" version of the app was depreciated a while ago and merged with the main app. Looks like you have quite the mess going on there. I would try going to "uninstall" and try to remove the Cloud version. It might fail if you have any devices attached to the app or drivers it thinks are part of that cloud version. Might also break part of what you have setup unfortunately.

Could also try to "Modify" the cloud version and deselect all the options.

If it thinks the devices are attached to it still, you may need to do a "Modify" on the regular one, and install any drivers you need. Then go to each device and switch the driver to the new one, not sure how to tell which is which though since they have the same names :confused:

Honestly its going to be tricky to clean up.

The easiest way if you don't have a ton of devices integrated into other apps is going to just be to delete it all and then reinstall it clean from HPM.

First, for clarification, the cloud version is the same code as the other version. (There is a reason for what I did). It is deprecated to preclude new installations from using the Cloud version but there is no impact on you.

Second, unless you have a lot of devices, I would recommend deleting all devices, uninstalling all apps, then deleting all drivers/apps through HPM and then manually for the third one. You actually installed two versions today within 3 seconds of each other?????

I'll do that.. I'm guessing maybe I manually installed this driver and then installed it via HPM.. that's the only thing I can think of. I've also used HPM's 'match up' feature before but not sure why that would install another copy of the driver. Anyway, I like the delete everything and re-install approach to keep things clean!

You actually installed two versions today within 3 seconds of each other?????

I updated via HPM.. guessing it updated both versions at the same time

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I recently bought a set of Kasa 125's and I was able to install them and get them working with Hubitat with no problem. They replaced a set of Sengled dimmable bulbs and they work fine with the existing scenes and simple workflows.

However, I was trying to do something fun with the color capabilities using Webcore and have hit some snags switching back to CT mode after they are in RGB mode. I can't figure out how to capture the Color Temperature in WebCore - everything seems to return 0. The Capture/Restore Attributes doesn't seem to work with Color Temperature.

I'm just trying to capture the state of two bulbs, flash each of them using two colors and then restore the original state of the bulbs - to the color if they were set in RGB mode or to the color temp if they were in in CT mode.

Does anyone have any hints on what I'm missing? Is this possible to do without WebCore?


@djgutheinz I saw earlier the mention about the EP40 which should work or you would add it if not. So, I just picked one up since it is way cheaper than anything else like it (wifi or zwave). I already have a couple Kasa devices so why not. Can confirm it does seem to work perfectly fine. Has an odd bug where the model number gets a ( at the end, not sure what happened there. But otherwise have not noticed any issues so far.


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