[RELEASE] The Flasher - Flash your lights based on several triggers


is the flasher still maintained? seems to behave funky with advanced zig rgbw, generic zig rgbw and sengled color plus rgbw. Not matter what I set It finishes on the flash color and doesnt revert so the original attributes.


Right from the app -
Bulb colors are based on Hue bulbs, results may vary with other type of bulbs.

Also right from the app -
If the light isn't returning to it's original state, raise the Milliseconds between on/off. Range is 500 to 5000 (.5 to 5 seconds).

This is great. Just found when I couldn't get a RM rule to work consistently.

One thing that would be cool would be to set the level of the light being flashed then return to previous level and state. For example, I can dim my office light down to 25%, then trigger it to flash, and it'll flash at 25% and return to previous state (on/off). Would be cool if I could set the brightness to 100% for the flash, then return to previous level and state.

(I'm trying to give my wife an easy way to get my attention when I'm working with noise canceling headphones on and facing away from the office door... without her coming up and touching my shoulder an me pooping myself. lol)

It already does this. :man_shrugging:

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so that's what I thought would be the case, but not from what I'm seeing...

it's returning to the previous state, yes. but it's not setting the light to 100% and flashing then returning to previous state AND level. it flashes at the level it's currently at...

@bptworld - just set this up to flash lights as a part of a couple laundry rules I created quite a while ago. (circa B.E.E. Before Event Engine. :wink: )

Anyway, I have flashers set up for two different lights I want to flash when the laundry is done, Right now I have it set up so that the flasher children are stand-alone, and triggered by a virtual switch. I turn on the virtual switch in the rule when I want the two lights to flash.

Just wanted to ask if this is the "right" way to connect things up, or if there is a simpler/more efficient way to call the two flasher children from the rule.

Thanks, as always, for the app! :slight_smile:

That'll work just fine. :wink:

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And it does. :smiley:

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Thanks for The Flasher! I'm a new Hubitat user and moving my setup from SmartThings. I want to flash my bedroom nightstand when I have a water leak and this was very easy to set up.

I'm having one problem, I can't find the setting to set the brightness to 100% as the light is flashing. I usually keep this light at under 10% and would really like it to be full brightness while flashing.

Welcome to Hubitat!

It's in the Flash Options

Set Level to X before flash (1..99)

What am I missing? I'm on version 1.1.6 and the only options that I see under Flash Options are Flash this light, the note (If the light isn't returning to it's original state...,) the number of times to flash and the milliseconds on/off.

The bulb that is being flashed is using the Sengled Element Classic driver. I don't see the option to Set level to X.

Good, I'm not going crazy. Here's what I see:

I bet that light isn't a color bulb, just dimmable?

Yes, just dimmable.

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Give the new version on GitHub a shot, let me know how it goes. If I need to, I'll try to dig up a non-color, just dimmable bulb. :wink:

1.1.7 - 02/04/21 - Separated Level from Color

Sorry to say it didn't work. As soon as I select the light to flash (tried several and all give the same result) I get this:

The correct spelling is Command NOT Comamnd. :eyes: oops!

1.1.8 - 02/05/21 - Fixed a typo :wink:

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I installed the update and the good news is that the Set level to X... option now shows up. The bad news is that it doesn't actually change the level.

I really appreciate all your work on this, but don't want to keep bugging you with it. I moved the process over to webCore and it's working fine there. Of course if you want me to test anything, I'll be happy to.

I would need to see a debug log, instructions are in post #1 on how to provide logs.
Also, what type of bulb is this?