[RELEASE] Tasmota Sync Drivers - Native and Real-time Synchronization between Hubitat and Tasmota 11

Vincent, can you do a STATUS8 on the device and send me the result. Same with the RCWL-0516. Should look something like this.

STATUS8 = {"StatusSNS":{"Time":"2022-05-17T02:35:04","SI7021":{"Temperature":74,"Humidity":26,"DewPoint":37},"TempUnit":"F"}}

You can just PM me, won't be relevant to anyone else. Thx.

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Just upgraded my iFan03 to Tasmota v11, installed the Sync Driver, swapped over from previous driver and tested.
Must say 'that could not have gone better if I wanted it to'
Thank you!!

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Glad to hear it. Once you get the big picture it's not too tough. I use these as a fan remote for my iFan [RELEASE] Tuya Scene Switch TS004F driver 1
I got two of them for about $20 on aliexpress and use the Advanced Button Controller app to customize the actions for click and double click. Controls the fan, the fan light, a lamp in our room and a security siren. Works very well if you need a remote for your fan.

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Do you have a guide on how to add devices? I have a 3 switch plug. I'm looking at the dual switch/plug for inspiration. I am assuming I just copy the comands for switch1 and label them switch3?

I do not have a guide but I will create one for you. Should not take me long.

Try this, should work. I can't test it because I don't have a triple however I am getting an 8 port Tasmota delivered sometime today so I could test it the very near future.

I believe you are new to the community so I want to point out one limit of this driver.
Each driver can only have one instance of a capability, in this case a switch. Hubitat will recognize this device as a switch but only the first instance, i.e. the first Tasmota relay\switch.

To address Tasmota switches 2 & 3 via Hubitat automation you would do so using the Hubitat Custom Action in Rules which would let you address the Power2On, Power2Off etc functions.

The updated driver you provided works perfectly.

I am new although coming from HA with a combo smart home solution of zigbee2mqtt, zwave2mqtt, tasmota, and a few other devices.

So far I'm enjoying the transition.

Thank you for the rules advice. I had these set up in HA with motion and contact sensors and am slowly moving automations to HE. You probably saved me a lot of headaches with that pointer.

Sounds like you have a good tech background. I think you will find Hubitat a powerful platform. The thing it lacks is a good UI. Take a look at sharptools if this is important to you.

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I did find a small bug that SWITCH3 was not updating on a STATUS command. You can update your code from here.

I also renamed the driver to Triple_Relay_Switch_Plug

FYI Everyone that I have added an Eight Relay\Switch Driver to my repo. Installs just like all the others. You can find it here. Hubitat-Tasmota/Eight_Relay_Switch.groovy at main Ā· GaryMilne/Hubitat-Tasmota Ā· GitHub Tasmota Sync works across all 8 relays as you might expect.

Going to hook it up in parallel with my sprinkler system.

P.S. Got mine on banggood for about $15 including shipping. Only took about 2 weeks to arrive so faster than AliExpress. Link.

My Hubitat Package Manager failed to update the Tasmota Synch Drivers. I get this error: An error occurred downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GaryMilne/Hubitat-Tasmota/main/Sensor.groovy

Anyone Else?

Tadaa! It updated. It appeared in my HPM as an update available. So yes it is up and running. Great job on the drivers by the way. I burned maybe 15 brain cells last night trying to use that 2nd relay on the Sonoff Dual. Gave up and slept on it. I woke up this morning and got that Custom Action figured out first try. Again thanks for the work.

Iā€™m working on a big upgrade to the sensors driver to add a big range of additional sensors and data types. So if the current version does not do what you need it to then let me know.

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I have a variety of Tasmota switches and dimmers. When I operate the switch from Hubitat, the status updates right away, but when I operate the switch from the device or via its web interface, status in Hubitat never seems to update. I've reviewed the documentation and I don't think that I've missed anything, What am I doing wrong?

Most likely you have not clicked on "tasmotaInjectRule". That sets up the triggers on Tasmota.
When you have done that check your logs. You should see entries like this showing you the Tasmota Sync is working.

If you have already done the tasmotaInjectRule and it is still not working then go to the Tasmota Console. You should get some clues there.

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That was it. Thanks.

If the device has any power or sensor data then the TelePeriod controls the frequency of those reports. Things like switch state, dimmers, colors etc happen immediately.

Got my Ikea sensor up and running, thanks to you. You did such a great work. :slight_smile:

Now my radar sensor is next, which won't work right now. But this is more a me problem. :sweat_smile:

I have a new "Universal Sensor" driver that just needs a couple of hours to finish up. Should work for most sensors. If Tasmota can see the sensor and data I expect it will work.

Oh, this is not an issue with your driver. I don't get any information on my device itself. One sensor worked for a short moment, but then just burned out, and the other two don't give me any information at all. Right now, I'm checking the web, to gather some more information on what I did wrong.

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