[RELEASE] Tasmota RGBW LED Light Bulb Driver

This is my release of the Tasmota RGBW LED Light Bulb Device Handler Driver

Use the following to flash the Tuya bulbs

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Updated to Version. 1.0.1 Fixed capturing the CT commands from Groups & Scenes when asking for a white color

Updated to Version 1.0.2 Added to ability to use Level Duration to fade the light in and out.

Love your driver.. Working perfectly with tasmota firmware!!!!!
But can you add flash options such as : christmas, police and just auto changing colors..

@848667 Thank you. I will look into adding the options. I'll have to see if the options are available in the Tasmota firmware as it would be hard to have the Hub control the lights in this fashion.

Are you using these with LED bulbs or Addressable Strips?

can you please add all of this please

Version 1.0.3 - Added Support for LED Schemes

This driver is for use with bulbs and non-addressable LED strips. I will be releasing a driver for the addressable led light strips soon.

@848667 Here is the link to the expanded driver for addressable LED's

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Thanks for sharing this! After a fair bit of trial and error, I've finally got my first bulb re-flashed to tasmoto and configured properly. Your driver took over from there, and controls nearly every aspect perfectly.

There are one or two things that don't seem to work right though. As far as I can tell, the set color temperature button sends the same exact command to the bulb, regardless of what temperature I enter.

One other thing you can see in the above image - the driver always sends 4 colors (RGBW), but my bulb is actually RGBWW. It handles it fine, just treating the 5th section as 00s, but I thought I'd mention it. How much trouble would it be to add support for RGBWW bulbs?

Here's what I been using with my RGBWW bulbs. I modified this driver by merging stuff from damon.dinsmore's Tuneable white driver, and fixed a color problem it had. Feel free to use it if ya want.

https://github.com/Obi2000/Hubitat/blob/master/Tasmota RGBCT Bulb.txt

Thanks! I actually did the same thing, and sent a pull request to @damon.dinsmore, but they've been busy and haven't had a chance to review it yet. I'll take a look at yours and see if your approach looks any different from mine.

My next challenge with this driver is that it doesn't work to add to Google Home via hubitat. I need to see what is required to make that compatible, my son wants to tell google to change the colors of his lights again.

Okay got it working with Google Home. Had to add a couple of capabilities to the driver definition for it to be recognized. Sorry bout that. I don't use Google Home, had to go dig an old Home Mini out of storage.

    capability "ColorMode"
    capability "Refresh"

I can’t get theses to work with my bulbs

Are the bulbs re-flashed with the Tasmota firmware?

@Obi2000 Glad to hear that you got this working. I will update the drivers.

@NeighborGeek I will look at the code and update the driver.

That's great, my son will be thrilled. Thanks!

@NeighborGeek BTW Do you have a link to the RBGWW bulb you are using? I may want to buy one. And when did you flash Tasmota? And wat this an OTA flash?

Anyone that wants to send me makes of bulbs and capabilities so that I can compile a list of supported bulbs would be great.

I was using Feit Electric bulbs from Costco.

I purchased the bulbs a couple of months ago, and had connected them with the feit electric app until now. (There must not be a fw update for these to block 3rd party fw, as they would have installed it if there were.) Flashed using Tyua-convert.

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I've been using these LOHAS RGBWW bulbs. They flashed with right away with the new Tuya-Convert. I love the range of brightness you can get on these compared to my Sengled bulbs.

Thanks for the driver BTW. I was thinking of using that Hubitat specific Tasmota image. But it's still on 6.x, and I like to stay on the most recent Tasmota version.

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