[RELEASE] Squeezebox Integration (Logitech Media Server)

I've been trying to get a TTS message to play on a given player while a LMS stream is playing and have that stream pause, play the TTS message and have the LMS stream resume after the message completes.

'haven't been able to figure out how to do it.
The closest I can get is to also install VLCThing on the playe and play the TTS message via that integration. It doesn't pause the LMS stream but the TTS message mixes in with the strram.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Heya. Have you tried the "Play Text and Resume" command on the player device?

Yes, that was the first thing I tried. The LMS stream stops, the text message plays but the LMS stream does not resume. I tried it with and without setting a volume

That's odd. It should do exactly what you want. What is the stream that you're playing that won't resume?

The stream I was listening to at the time was: https://nebcoradio.com:8443/WXRV . However, it behaves the same way when I place music from my LMS library. The version of LMS I'm using is: 8.2.0 The versions of the app and drivers on Hubitat are:

  • Squeezebox Connect v2.3 (app)
  • Squeezebox Player v2.5 (driver)
  • Squeezebox Player Child Switch v2.0 (driver)
  • Squeezebox Server v2.2.3 (driver)

'just checked the log. Perhaps this is a clue to what's happening:

dev:5222023-10-27 09:16:29.933 AMdebugIgnored playlist command: [b8:27:eb:a8:f2:29, playlist, resume, tempplaylist_b827eba8f229, wipePlaylist:1]
dev:5222023-10-27 09:16:29.929 AMdebugSqueezebox Player Received [SB_Office]: [b8:27:eb:a8:f2:29, playlist, resume, tempplaylist_b827eba8f229, wipePlaylist:1]
dev:4932023-10-27 09:16:29.913 AMdebugReceived player message: [b8:27:eb:a8:f2:29, playlist, resume, tempplaylist_b827eba8f229, wipePlaylist:1]

I figured it out.
I checked the LMS log and the found that temp playlist for the pre-message content was unable to be written by the LMS process.
I changed ownership of the playlist folder and it works just as I hoped.

Now I can get rid of VLCThing!

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Good stuff! And a useful tip to check for anyone else experiencing the same problem.

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Is there a simple way to replace a player without having to update all the apps which use the original player? My initial thought was to change the MAC address in the Device settings but I was greeted with a stern warning in the UI when I attempted to do so.

I don't think there is. The ID of a device is fixed so you don't have a lot of options there.

Thanks. I would have guessed that changing the MAC address would take care of it but, alas, it didn't.
I'm planning to replace several of my failed Squeezebox players so it looks like I have a bit of App editing ahead of me.

As an aside, some of my replacements will be based upon this project: The Tivoli Squeezebox Radio – Penguin Loves Music
Instead of adding a BT module, I'm adding a Raspberry Zero and a mini HiFiBerry DAC running PiCorePlayer. The Tivoli radios are still available on eBay for a reasonable price and still sound great.