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That’s not by design Jane
The input command must have ‘multiple: false’ or there is a typo.
I’ll have a look as soon as I can and fix it.



did you update the child app?
I've just installed it on my test hub and you CAN select multiple speech synth devices for the output

I thought I had fixed this before (I don't think I updated the version number as it was just a minor thing with a typo



It said there was an update in the child app so I copied the code and re-installed it. Now I can't select multiple speech synth but I can select multiple music speakers. You did tell me how to fix it for the music speakers. It was on line 87 and I have to spell multiple correctly.


Have a look on line 103 - The version on Github has multiple spelled correctly.. Does yours?

This is the line...

input "speaker1", "capability.speechSynthesis", title: "Speaker(s)", multiple: true


@cobra So I installed this incredible app of yours and truly appreciate what you have accomplished! The issue I am running into is notifications cutting off other notifications. @djgutheinz did a great job creating a device queuing solution for the Samsung devices as a test app scenario. He mentioned that his example of code (and his release of a Virtual TTS queue app) could be used for others. I was wondering if you had any thoughts of adding queuing into Speaker Central so notifications cannot cut-off each other if announced on the same speaker.


It's something I thought about and have even discussed using the code with @djgutheinz
Unfortunately, atm I'm committed to working on super tile, I'll try and get to it as soon as I can
My super tile app is almost out of beta so will be released soon so I will hopefully have some time when that is fully finished



Hmmm...curiosity perked.


Provisional name :slight_smile:

Teaser.. :slight_smile:

Add freeform text anywhere (with html tags to set font, colour etc..)
Add an image to the same tile..
Add any device attribute..
Add attributes from multiple devices to the same tile...
Some examples...


How about a tile showing all devices in one room?
I'm sure @Royski won't mind me showing you something he made

How about this on one tile...



Geez....you and @srwhite are starting a new trend. People are gonna end up with a serious case of HABB.
HA= Home Automation
I'll let you figure out what BB means.:wink:


I'm English!
No Idea (unless I'm just being slow this afternoon)





I'll release it very soon :slight_smile:


Concur with Andy. Am curious on super tile also.

My buffer was a quickie interim solution (expanding the initial test solution).

Driver embedded implementation. For my Samsung Speaker implementation, I am in-testing on a buffer embedded into the actual driver. For that driver, it seems to work best (since the driver stops and then starts any playing music). But getting others to update their drivers will be problematic.



Any chance of enabling selection of multiple proxy devices in a child app?

I have a scenario where I want to announce on various combinations of speakers based on the kind of announcement. For example: Laundry alerts, or Occupancy alerts.

It's easy enough to create different proxy devices for those alert types. But currently, since child apps are limited to 1 proxy, it's possible to get to a place where child apps have to be duplicated for each alert type to enable the child device restriction capabilities. Especially if the child apps are single speakers.



You can easily edit the code on line: 77

Just change:
section("Proxy Device") {input "vDevice", "device.ProxySpeechPlayer", title: "Proxy Speaker Virtual Device"}

section("Proxy Device") {input "vDevice", "device.ProxySpeechPlayer", title: "Proxy Speaker Virtual Device", multiple: true}

This will give you the ability to use more than one proxy device



Works, thanks!


Good morning, Is it possible to add HSM status as a trigger? Id like to have my google home speak when the system changes to armed, disarmed ect. It looks easier to do that hear than on rule machine. Also, will the TTS message go to a google home without an internet connection?


This isn’t really what this app is for.
This app will enable/disable speakers as per the trigger.


Thanks for this! I have a situation that I was wondering if the app could help with. I'm using the highly unofficial community Alexa TTS app, and was hoping to use a single "proxy" device to direct output to, say, one or two of these depending on where motion is detected (and where I therefore likely am in the house). It sounded like I might be able to do this from the app description, but from actually using the app, it seems like this restriction applies to all the speakers, so I may have misunderstood the purpose. (In this case, it's because, if I'm reading correctly, people say that sending to more to about three Alexa devices at the same time causes rate-limiting problems, apparently complete TTS failure.)

Am I missing something? If not, I might try making some modifications to see if I can create a "speech director"-type thing myself to suite these needs.



That's exactly what this app does.
I have all my announcements sent to the proxy driver, then when motion is detected in a room with a speaker.. the announcement goes to that speaker.

You just need to create a child app for each speaker and use the same proxy configured for each one.