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There are basically two types of tts speaker.
‘Music Player’ and ‘Speech Synthesiser’

This will work with either



Are there any docs for setting this App up? I have all the Apps and Device drivers in and not sure what some of the other things (settings) do. thanks


Which settings are you unsure about?



Proxy Speaker Virtual Device and also when you have added your child apps and hit done it does not take you back the the main apps page but it takes you back in a circle to the restrictions for the child app you were just looking at. I have to select the App List at the left top to get back to the main app page.


Unfortunately the loop back to the restrictions page is nothing I can fix.
It has something to do with the way the platform handles the grandparent/parent/child configuration. (Cobra Apps being the grandparent)
As I’m the only dev that uses this configuration, HE engineers are unlikely to spend any time fixing this :slight_smile:

The proxy speaker virtual device is just a virtual device you create then assign my driver to.
This proxy device is then used as a speaker in any app that you want to use for tts.
Once it is configured in a speaker central child app, any tts sent to the virtual device will be sent to the active child speaker device.


If I have 4 home mini's then do I need to create any virtual devices for them or do I just use them as is?


I have a single virtual device configured to talk via Message Central.
Then I have 4 gh minis each configured with their own speaker central child.



Thanks Andy. I will look into message central as well.


I thought I would try this out but when it doesn't allow me to select multiple speakers. I am using sonos speakers. Also, do I have to setup the Proxy Speaker Virtual Device first?


1st thing to do is create a new virtual device using my proxy speaker driver.
(This device is then used in any 'speaking' apps you want to use)
Then, when creating a new child you assign this device as your 'Proxy' device in the app
Then you should be able to select multiple speakers.

Are you using a 'sonos group' or just multiple sonos speakers.

If, for some reason, you cannot enter multiple speakers can you screenshot the input page please so that I can see what you are doing?



Thanks Andy! I didn't create the Virtual proxy speaker yet. I will do this and see how it goes.


A bit more info here :slight_smile:



It still won't let me select multiple speakers. The speakers are all individual speakers. It displays radio buttons and just I can only select one.


Can you check which version of the child you have please?
I think I updated with a fix for this




Current child version (with this issue fixed) on gitHub is 1.2.0

If you update the code this problem should go away :slight_smile:


OK, I just followed the links.


OK, I updated to the latest version but still not able to select multiple speakers. Speaker Central Child is V1.2. Speaker Central is V 1.0.0


I’m sorry, I thought I had fixed this before.
Look at line 87 there is a typo (I can’t spell multiple!)
I’m going to release an updated version in the next day or so but If you don’t want to wait just do a search for


And change it to


I think the one that affects music player is on line 87



Perfect! That worked! Thanks!