[RELEASE] Sonoff (Connect)

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There was Snips, but that has been acquired by Sonos, so who knows... Then there are things like Rhasspy and Mycroft though by default Mycroft is not fully offline.

I don't care if the voice assistant is 100% offline, I just want it to be able to turn on and off my lights when the internet is down. :slight_smile: Thanks for the leads!

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I just got my Hubitat yesterday and worked all day today trying to set it up. In Smartthings, I was able to use the Tasmota-connect (tasmota-hubitat-8.1.0.bin) on my wemos D1 mini boards. I used hongtat device drivers and app he made for smartthings and I was able to get smartthings to see both switches. In Hubitat, I can't figure out what driver and app I need for it to see two switches. For example, I have one switch that uses GPIO5 - relay 1, GPIO12-Relay2 and a couple of other pins for my buttons to manually turn on the lights. So My issue is when I find this in Habitat, it only sees the one switch (relay). What am I missing? I thought Hubitat was going to be easier than smartthings. I appreciate any help you can give me.

The latest and most up-to-date driver is being released during the day today, be on the look-out for the new thread. It is easy to install and have good docs.

Forgot to mention that the setup in the switch is Generic (18)

With the new driver you just install the parent driver and it will detect what is needed as long as the template is correct in Tasmota. If Tasmota shows two switches in the UI so will this driver.

EDIT: The driver is released:

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I have the following is it possible to get it working on HE?

That device is not based on the ESP8266 chip (it is a CKW04 chip), so not directly by flashing to Tasmota, probably has to be through Google Assistant or Alexa.

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No worries just found the same info. I use them to remotely turn on/off my pi and hub once shut down so not the end of the world.

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I'm having difficulty discovering my S31. It was previously working and I removed it while trying to identify the source of hub slowdowns. It is on my wifi network and easily controllable from it's web page.


When I try to manually add it as a wifi switch I get this.

I have a couple of sonoff's with the 2.0.5 firmware on them. I firmware updated one to tasmota (HE version) successfully. The second one when I try to upgrade it just finishes the file, but does nothing.

Any ideas as to how to get Tasmota on this? Thanks

I installed the POW driver onto my POW R2 and was able to get it to connect to my network successfully. Also got the POW driver from here and used that to add it. Unfortunately, I'm not getting any information regarding amperage, power and voltage - all 3 are stuck on 0.00. Can someone help me out please? Don't know if I've done something incorrectly - does the POW firmware/driver not work for the R2? Would be really grateful for any help.

Thank you!

This is an old firmware and driver, I don't know what is not working here, but it does work with this version (current firmware version is 8.3.1):

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Hey markus,
Thanks for responding! Will this work with Sonoff connect or do I need install another app for this? Also can I flash this through the FTDI adapter pins method instead of using the Raspberry Pi one?

It's a different app, that thread and the Wiki it links to explains it all.

You do not need to use the Raspberry Pi route, serial flashing is fine and actually what I myself prefer. You can also flash over the Tasmota webpage if you already have Tasmota on the device. In that case, first Minimal of the current version of Tasmota you're running (like 6.7.1) and then go for the full version of the target version of Tasmota, like 8.3.1.

Hey Markus,
Thanks for the quick response! I shall check out the Wiki. Regarding the flashing over Tasmota part, I like flashing using the FTDI adapter because it's the only one I have a Youtube video for and doesn't require me to buy anything new. The Pi version seems a lot less messy though maybe I'll eventually graduate to it! For now, I do have Tasmota on the device so I shall try flashing it through the webpage.

Regarding the minimal version, my info page says: "{"deviceType":"Sonoff POW", "version":"2.0.5", "date":"May 23 2019 13:25:55", "mac":"807d3a32c3c2"}". So I should first install the minimal version of 2.0.5? The current interface looks pretty sparse anyway.

Type in "Status 2" in the console and you should get something like this:

STATUS2 = {"StatusFWR":{"Version":"8.3.1(tasmota-he)","BuildDateTime":"2020-05-20T14:46:42","Boot":7,"Core":"2_7_1","SDK":"2.2.2-dev(38a443e)","Hardware":"ESP8266EX","CR":"473/699"}}

Or check at the bottom of the Tasmota device webpage:

Hey Markus,
Wow, that was fast! Not sure how to get to the console here - my interface doesn't look anything like the nice one you have. Here's a screenshot of what it looks likesonoff_web1

Any clue how to get to the console here?

That is an old firmware I suppose, I've never seen it. What does it show under info and under firmware?

Yeah, it looks pretty ancient - which is why I wasn't sure if there even was a minimal version of this. When I click info I get "{"deviceType":"Sonoff POW", "version":"2.0.5", "date":"May 23 2019 13:25:55", "mac":"807d3a32c3c2"}" in black text against a completely white background (basically nothing but text). When I click firmware it just gives me an option to update it, nothing else.