[RELEASE] Sleep Number Controller - control your Sleep Number bed and use it for presence

@kewashi - Thanks for the pull request, things look good and I've updated the live version.

I was just curious what got changed and I think I spotted a mistake.
I added a comment on the commit at the line in question (see below).

Here is the resulting code where the case is missing

You are right - the case was over written by mistake. I don’t have outlets so I didn’t catch this. Easy fix. I’m away from my computer now but will submit another update later

I didn't catch that either - I blame my horribly jet lagged brain... I just fixed it and pushed the update. thanks for spotting it @jtp10181


Just a quick follow up to show how I'm using this. This is a screen shot of my Sleep Number bed on my HousePanel dashboard. This uses the main device, not the child ones.