[RELEASE] Shelly Garage Door Opener

This Hubitat integration is based on "The Hook Up" video tutorial.
However I reversed the Reed switch logic and location so that when the magnet comes in proximity of the switch, the garage door is 100% closed and not 100% open.


This is my Reed switch installation:

I secured the magnet to two chain links with zip-ties and the Reed switch to a L-shaped piece of plexiglass. The zip-ties are small and relatively weak, so should the chain oscillate excessively and the magnet hit the plexiglass, the zip-ties should break and hopefully leave everything else intact :crossed_fingers:

I mounted the Shelly switch on a small platform I built on top of the garage opener, together with my Ecowitt and Tempest gateways. All three powered by a single 4-port USB charger:

So far everything works as designed. All in all $20 well spent :wink:


Very nice! Did you post this on the FB group yet? Shelly Hubitat User Group(English)

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I closed my FB account 10 years ago :disappointed:
Could you do it for me?

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Done.. User created HOWTO -- [RELEASE] Shelly Garage Door Opener

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After a few days of use, the only problem I've found is that, when I open the door, the torque causes the chain to oscillate a bit and the Reed switch to "flip-flop".
Not a big deal, but enough for Hubitat to send two "garage open" notifications to my cell.
I either need a better (more stable/less sensitive) Reed switch or come up with a different mounting solution.

Suggestions from anyone with prior experience?

You should use some sort of de-bounce code in the driver so that multiple on/off changes within a 1/2 second is not trigering rules, to do this use a time stamp when it first is detected and reject all new states for 1/2 second, then recheck the state to make sure it did not change just in case it was a real change of state.


That is actually an excellent idea!
Why didn't I think of it... :man_facepalming:


v1.11.47 pushed to github:

  • Added de-bounce code to prevent multiple sequential Reed switch state change notifications, due to chain oscillations or door vibrations.

Thank you @nclark for the suggestion!