[Release] Shelly as a Switch


I got the colour bulb and the RGBW device. For the latter I have to make a mock up for it but have to find a LED strip I can test with.


Nope but I did get the Shelly 4 Pro !! 2 of them actually.


I've got 1PM and 2.5. I can get the bulb and perhaps RGBW. Will your drivers for 1PM and 2.5 be capable of power reading?




So you managed to type Y E S ?
Kidding. So what will be first? 1, 1 PM, 2.5, RGBW, Bulb, PRO, other?


You asked if the DH will support power and I replied yes. As for first I'm working on the H&T DH.


That's great. Sorry we don't have an H&T here.


@MarioHudds Show me your API output for the 1PM



They were supposed to publish it in April. I think you need to contact Allterco for that.


What do you get with this ?



I'm sorry I'm away from home till Sunday.


No worries I have setup my 1PM so I can work on the DH.

Also everyone that is using RM to Poll the switch state you need to enable the refresh in the DH so it will still check for updates to the DH. I'll have to come up with a different way to set the auto update check schedule.


Please update your DH for your Shelly's

I have made a change in how the update check works if you have set the refresh rate to NO SELECTION so that the DH still updates for version checking. This didn't work if you had set the refresh to No Selection and used RM to POLL for status updates.


Why are you polling any device every SECOND ? I don't care what device it is it will flood the hub and it will stop working.

The Shelly as a switch is either on or off. No reason for a 1 second poll.


The shelly device does'nt update the status (on/off) otherway....

I followed your suggestion as in #52 post



Im a newbie to habitat so excuse my lack of knowledge
Ive been trying to start a shelly controlled shutter system (maybe there is a better switch?)
I bought one for testing and have a problem importing the code for the shutters.
Could someone drive me through the installation of this shutter switches in hubitat?


I don't suppose anyone here has implemented in HE a Shelly 1 on 12v for say a garage door or a gate? If so i'd be interested to hear about it and see the driver code etc.


Just did this last week. Just use the Shelly DH for the switch and
Here is the App i use

Also you will need



Hi @sgrayban , i saw in the log many long debug messages. Is it possible to exclude them in the preferences? It is not a crucial point, I know...


I'll add some switches you can set