[Release] Shelly as a Switch


Anything in the logs? Is the IP address correct?


Any joy? I've tweaked sgrayban's driver a bit so it refreshes more often (1 s).


The device can be manually operated (in the device page). But simply it does'nt refresh its status


You can try this driver Shelly/Shelly.groovy at master · MarioHudds/Shelly · GitHub
It shows in logs refreshing every second but still I have not connected my Shelly so not tested.


Hey @sgrayban it looks like we need your help :slight_smile:


@roberto If you decide to use tweaked driver disable the repeating rule.


What sort of help ?


Mario can you do a fork of the DH and then a pull request ?


It looks like we can't get Shelly to refresh its status with RM nor Hubi-Poll app.
Perhaps 1 second refresh rate built into your driver would help?
I tried to achieve this in Shelly/Shelly.groovy at master · MarioHudds/Shelly · GitHub
lines 84, 89, 90 and then 174.
I've never forked and pulled before so I might just destroy something :crazy_face:


I should be getting all the shelly products tomorrow for QA and DH creation for HE.

I'll have a look at this issue over the weekend.

All though a rule to refresh should work as if it was being manually done. If someone can do live logging can capture the moment it stops working would be a great help until then.


If the hub reboots the rule doesn't work anymore ?


Just curious are you doing a refresh or a poll in the rule ? Poll is what you should be doing.


In post 40 @roberto shows a screen with 'poll'.


So I just tested the hub reboot issue and that works for me still.

This is my test rule.

I can watch my device refresh every second.



RM worked for me but @roberto has a problem. Perhaps it's Shelly device's bug?


@sgrayban I used your trigger example and the device is correctly updated.
I'll keep you informed about!
Thank you folk !


It's possible he didn't setup the rule correctly.

I used a trigger rule to make a periodic 1 second poll. This is what should be used.


Ok guys I got a ton of Shelly Products in today !! Time to create and play !!


I didn't get a Shelly 2 in my QA package but I did get the 1PM and 2.5 that does support the power meter. So I can't guarantee my 2.5 DH will work.


They are safe !! Although they do not have the UL seal they do have the CE (European Seal) that surpasses the UL seal so I don't have a issue with using them.