[Release] Shelly as a Switch


I have 4 Shelly1 switches for sale brand new in box in canada if anyone is interested.

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Any opinion about this device by real users? Are they safe? For sure they are really small..


I think you need to use the settings in the Shelly app to set switches as toggle/momentary.
I heard that there is a bug in the app that prevents the switches in Shelly 2.5 to be used in different ways e.g. one toggle and one momentary but it's to be fixed in coming app update.
I haven't tested this myself though.


@sgrayban any news on the Shelly drivers? Are you working on other Shellies like a plug or RGBW?


I still have not gotten my QA package. I was told they would be sent out this month though.


For each relay you need a device so you would have to install the driver for each.

Mind you that this driver is for the Shelly 1 so keep that in mind.


I hope they also send you this Shelly EM - Shelly Cloud

This could be something!


Got some units of the Shelly2.5 models. They seems to work quite well with the driver. They are plenty of features. They does'nt look very robust and the clamps are too small even for 1.5 sqmm cables.
I hope they were safe.


I'm using Shelly2.5. Unfortunately it seems the driver does'nt update the switch state, so i cannot trigger any rule based on the state "on" or "off".
It's me or is a bug?

EDIT: it's a refresh byproduct. 5 minutes are too many...


Only verified for Shelly1. Until I get the other devices I can't help


You need to set RM to refresh/poll the device.


There's also an app for that GitHub - HubitatCommunity/Hubi-Poll


@MarioHudds .. how can I invoke the poll capability within a trigger scheduled every second?
can you show me an example please ?


In conditions you can select every day of the week and then

I'm away from home now and all I've got is a pic I sent in an email once. This may be still RM 2.5
But try something similar.


Did you try an app I posted a link to?


@MarioHudds sorry for long delay. I tried the Hubi-poll app but after a while (few hours) it stop to refresh the shelly status. I have to manually poll-refesh once after that it works again. Unreliable for me. I have to test the RM solution. Is it a trigger rule?


I confirmed with my friend using an app that it actually stops polling so no good to us.
Perhaps you could try a simple rule like this: (not triggered rule)


I don't currently use Shelly myself but if the rule won't work I'll connect one module and see what I can do.


Thanks. I'll try with the rule.

EDIT: it seems to work for now... hope running a rule every second does'nt struck too much the hub


After a reboot it does'nt work anymore. The rule is repeating but the status does'nt update ...