[RELEASE] Salus SP600 Smart Plug Driver with Device Health Status

There've already been a couple of community drivers for the SP600, but I make pretty heavy use of device healthStatus, so here's my take on it.


Search for the keyword "Salus" on Hubitat Package Manager and you should see "Salus Drivers from BirdsLikeWires". Requires HPM v1.8.7 or later. Or install manually from the link below.

Thanks to the other developers (where I learned how to configure the reporting intervals) and to @markus for explaining how to properly sendZigbeeCommands, which I also now use for raw commands in my AlertMe drivers.


Reserved just in case.

Been a while, but this driver has been updated to support the tenth-of-a-watt precision introduced in the latest firmware. This would also appear to be the last firmware given that it was released in 2017.

These plugs have proven to be very reliable. I've used them alongside the AlertMe ones since moving to Hubitat and other than one having a bit of a whistle when idle, they've been rock solid as plugs and as repeaters.

This driver now supports the healthStatus custom attribute, so will no longer misuse presence as a means of reporting connectivity to your MQTT broker.

Use @kkossev's Device Health Status to give yourself a nice system overview.

I'm surprised more UK folk haven't been using this one; these SP600s are my go-to smart plug when the AlertMe SPG models aren't the right fit for some reason.

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Thanks for the driver (and to all the original ones that made the first versions).
Mine reports changes every X seconds, as set in device page, even if it is less than the reportable change. Is there a way of only reporting on changes above the reportable change condition, to reduce traffic?

Was this an option on a different driver? On mine the reporting rate has an influence on the device health status, so is set to a default when the initial configuration happens.

You could hit the Configure button if you've moved from another driver and that should set things correctly, but there's no option in my driver to customise this I'm afraid.