[Release] Raspberry Pi Stats




There is a project that will allow you to do this, but I'm not 100% certain aside from HTML scraping how you would get this into NodeRed (or if you needed to?). I use it on all my RPis.


I really advise not to do website scraping.


Yeah, me either usually. But, it's a local app and it will give @aaron the graphs he wants. I just
don't know if he wants them in his NodeRed flows or not.


Really just looking for historical information. I want to know when the RPi is peaking in processing requests just to ensure I am not taxing the little berry. :wink:

I have one RPi running all of my home automation add-one such as Homebridge, OpenVPN, PiHole, mobile device detection script and a GoDaddyPy DDNS script. My other RPi is running @corerootedxb NodeRed solution with everything on it grabbing historical logging information from HE.

Both seem to be doing fine with the loads I have on them. I just that person who likes to plan for growth and being able to see it. That’s all.


The temperature should be a good hint !


Yeah maybe but I have multiple heat dissipators on the RPi plus a case I printed with a 5v fan. The temps are really low like 120F. :confused:


Wow that's hot compared to what I usually have. 86-92 F

What are you running ?


I just looked at that project and it's nice. Installed but man the font size really sucks for old ppl like me. I had to zoom in 135% LOL


LMFAO!!! RIGHT?! I thought it was just me!!! I zoom in about 125% so that I can see it.

My wife keeps telling me that I'm going to have to get a Braille monitor the older I get. :wink:

Be sure to poke around the /etc/rpimonitor/ directory. Lots of tasty little tidbits in there to play with.


Developer needs to allow some settings for font sizes... Just sad us old ppl have to use browser zoom levels !!!!


I've gone looking for the CSS to fix that, but I haven't put really any effort into it. I know WHERE it's being set (font-size: 13px, REALLY?!) but I haven't found the source file for it.



.Text {
float: left;
font-family: Tahoma, Helvetica;
font-size: 13px;


And that file is at /usr/share/rpimonitor/web/css. Woot!


So the right file ?


fukin A !!!!


Yup! Set the font-size to 20px. LOL


yup !!!


That storage addon really sucks to figure out.


I haven't played with that one at all.