[RELEASE] Package Explorer - For use with Hubitat Package Manager

New version on GitHub...

1.0.7 - 08/11/20 - Fixed an issue with category options

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Since I was in the code anyway...

New version on GitHub...

1.0.8 - 08/11/20 - Added search by Tag option


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Where I can find installation instruction ? Or it only can be installed true Hubitat Package Manager. ?

You can use Package Manager, but it isn't required. It is just much easier to use Package Manager than doing it manually. You will likely want Package Manager for other apps and drivers not just from Bryan, but from many other developers.

His Github is in the first post, there is no reason you couldn't import the code manually and then install the app. That is sort of outside the scope of this thread, See here for Custom App and Driver installation. Hubitat Elevation Documentation - Hubitat Documentation

I also have install instructions in my Docs folder on GitHub.

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I think this should be the official package manager for Hubitat.

One more feature that would be helpful, show the diff if the current version has changed
(people make local customizations, and right now, it will be automatically override with the new version).

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Thank you. I found it . Apps/ Package Explorer /

It’s a great app.
Can I ask for a cosmetic change? Uninstall and Update buttons (IMO) should be moved apart. Like update at the top followed by install. Looking at the screen with multi focal lenses makes me hit the “uninstall” more times than not vice the “update”. It seems that update would be the most used and uninstall should be about 3 up from the bottom. Again the app is a welcome tool that makes the updates easier.

You are posting in the wrong thread. This is not Hubitat Package Manager... This is Package Explorer. This is just a way to search the packages available. You can't install/uninstall/modify or anything else from here.

Please see the first post. :wink:

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Yes, sorry. I updated Explorer in Manage.

I couldnt find install instructions for this app anywhere in the doc dir

It installs just like any other app. BUT read the first post in this thread, this app is no longer supported.

After some much needed updating, I am re-releasing this app!

New version on GitHub...

1.1.0 - 01/27/22 - Major changes to make it work much better


@bptworld Feature Request/Change -
Today, I ran Package Explore 'Whats new'. the first 2 response I got were from a Dev that have a ~525 days old'. Could this be a problem in Package Explorer?

Regardless - I'd like to request that the What's New be modified to allow at least a few choices like 1 day, 7 days and 30 days. My argument for my request is that as thing have settled in the HE world for me, my need to see what has changed is no longer a weekly check I do, but a monthly event. Drivers and apps have settled as well and postings and updates are slowing which will lead to less often being updated.

Also along these lines - would it be useful to pull a report that shows 'apps and drivers updated in last xx days' that I could push onto a Notifications tile or in the Watchdog Tile somehow?

Thank you for what you do and your consideration!

an update to my Feature Request
In HPM, I see there is a notification function. I've created a Notification Tile specifically for Package Manager postings and am displaying that on my dashboard. Ability to see recently updated packages that I might want to apply has been solved...

I still feel the 'Whats New' could be more valuable if it had the option for 1, 7, or 30 days... but the 'report' function isn't any longer necessary.

The 'what's new' feature simply uses the data found in the json file each dev puts on their GitHub. If the dev doesn't update (or even include) the info when they update their respective app/driver, then this app has no way of knowing how 'new' the app/driver is. Nothing I can do about that!

Glad you found other parts of the app useful. :grin:

Great work here Bryan as usual. I do feel like the overview this provides would be most useful as part of HPM itself though, but it's still a fantastic addition. Thanks for all the effort you've put into sharing your hobby work with the community. It's most appreciated by all of us.


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