[RELEASE] OwnTracks for Hubitat Presence Detection

I confirmed I have an even older OS version, Android 7.0, on an old Samsung Note 5. T

The Beta Owntracks version from the app store does not crash when sending a location update from the app.

The current forked build from the 2nd post here does crash on location send.

That's excellent, using the new default colours already makes such a difference! Thanks so much!

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ah, thanQ

Not a problem! Wasn't until you said something that I actually did a step back with a "huh... that was a perfect choice of colors." :slight_smile:

Ahhh good to know. I'll have to see what change I did (might be targeting a different version of Android when it was built.)


Aside from the crash, I love the way your beta feels. Noticed I can also see the wife on the map too, that's awesome.

Her position does not seem to update, requiring me to exit the app and restart to see a new position. Is this working as designed?

If the family locations could update within the android ot app, I can finally get rid of l360.

The OT app doesn't have a real time data connection to HE. It only gets update when it sends locations. When you open the 2.5.x app, it sends a location to HE and pulls back the family locations. If you click the manual location button (up arrow, top right of the map), that will force a location home and then pull back current family locations.

Better "life360'ish" feel is to sign up for a Google Maps API key that will allow the HE app to generate a Google Family Map. You can then make a shortcut to that map on your mobile phone. When you open that map, it refreshes every 5-seconds to allow real time updates.


I have a big problem with this application. My wife works approximately 3 km from home, and it occasionally happens that the location in OwnTrack jumps to a distance of, for example, 1.9 km. (in other application, Life360, the location is correct and unchanged at the same time). However, the worst thing is that the Presence status changes to present at this moment, which affects, for example, opening the door lock. In the OwnTrack application, the Home region has the Detection radius set to 100 m.
(On the next refresh, the position returns to the correct position and Presence changes to not present.)
I have no idea what I can do to make it work properly.

Which version of the OwnTracks mobile app is she using? Is she connected to work Wifi? I've seen that on the 2.4.12 Android version where the ISP would give a location for the junction box at the curb vs my house on occasion (when connected to wifi) causing jumps like that.

Not connected to wifi at work. The version is 2.4.12, but this is not a point - the "jump" is at a distance of 1 km. But a more serious problem is that the presence status changes at a distance of 2 km from home, which is completely contrary to the logic of operatio

Presence would only change if that jump placed that location within the "Home" radius. Can you double check your home radius in the HE Owntracks app?

Still seeing the MPH displaying as KPH on the map. Even though it 'says' MPH, it is displaying the number in KPH.

Not to dismiss your issue, but shouldn't you have multiple "presence" checks set before unlocking a door through automation?


Agree with the redundancy aspect to security. I have an ST dongle in my wife's purse for a comparison of truth.
Not being an antagonist, just a practical secure practise. :grin:

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Let me check that. Might have missed that conversion.

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Maybe it's just me, but when I set a location radius in google maps, it does really weird stuff like change (increase) the size if you click it again after saving, select another location, etc.

yes, I know that's how it's supposed to be and it usually works. I checked the home radius dozens of times and it is set to 100m, but as you can see in the screenshot from my previous post, this time the presence changed at 1.9 km from home

Perhaps, but if I have to wait for the location to be refreshed again (e.g. 5 minutes), this automation for opening the lock loses its meaning - the person will have reached the door a long time ago and will have to unlock it manually

Yup, I just re-load the page after saving a new location. Everything seems to work fine after that.

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I should also mention that my battery gets absolutely hammered.

Can't really use this, unfortunately.