[RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0



Pretty sure that won’t work since it doesn’t leave a dedicated connection to call back to (unless I read it wrong). TeamViewer and ngrok work because they initiate a connection to an endpoint I can tunnel back through it. Carrier NAT grrr.

I tried setting up softether and their azure VPN service, but couldn’t get it to work.

Anyway, my hubitat arrives tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Update : got my hub, and added a few motion sensors. Added all the otherhub code, and the sensors showed up in ST classic. Yeah! Update time is pretty quick, and I was even getting motion updates through a cell connection (hubitat to router to wifi client to phone hotspot). Going to test 2 way connectivity tomorrow to make sure a switch on the hubitat can be controlled by ST.


(While I was writing this, it fixed itself, but FYI in case anyone runs into this)

I've added a WeMo switch in Hubitat, and it works great.

In the Other Hub Event Pusher app, I added the switch - Porch - as an actuator, sensor, and Switch device.
Refresh is every 5 mins.
Real-time integration and delayed push are enabled.
Push events for Motion and switch are set to push to ST as they happen.

OH-Porch was NOT showing up in the ST Classic app. I tried everything to force a refresh, but nothing changed. Over time (10 - 15 mins), it showed up as a device.

I can see my switch in ST Classic, and I can turn it on and off. If I do it too quickly (~ 10 secs between switching), it will register a false state, but eventually correct itself. If not, a swipe-dwon refresh will refresh the status.

For me, this is pretty awesome. I'm controlling a Hubitat, through a janky LTE connection (1 bar), and the latency is pretty decent.

I'm feeling my Vera's days are numbered!