[RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0



I can't remove the other hub device viewer app from smart things. I hit the remove button and it says, "An unexpected error occurred".


Hi, You need to remove all the virtual devices created by the SmartApp first.


Thanks, got it un-installed and reinstalled.

Now when I share mylight from hubitat to ST, it shows up as OH-mylight. That's great.

The light is on and in the ST app I click it off. The light goes off, but the ST app gets stuck at "turning off" and then when I reaload the device shows as "On" again even though it is now off.

Ah... ok I've set the "how often should device data get refreshed?" setting in the hubitat pusher to 5m, and after a run of this the state in the ST app refreshes properly. But that seems to mean that I'm only able to trigger the device once every 5m from the ST app, since I have to wait for the timed refresh before the ST app updates to the correct state.


turn on real-time integration


It is on. This was the behavior I observed with it on.


did you include any device types in the

"Push these events to SmartThings as they happen:"


Turned off "Debug" Messages but still seeing them, not sure if that is by design or not or maybe more in debug.


It's a bug, when I have a moment I'll publish a corrected version. In the meantime you can comment out line 631 to stop the logging.


Any update on sending HE modes and perhaps HE arming status to ST?


may someone explain this to me like im 5? is it driver code in hubitat? thanks

edit: nevermind i figured it out. smartthings ide


I THINK this is what I need to migrate from Vera to Hubitat, but please confirm (I read the thread).

I have a ST Hub in my house (great Internet)
I want to put a Hubitat in a remote location (spotty cell-based internet)

Can I install Other Hub and have my remote Hubitat devices show up in my ST app and control them?

I want to have local execution because of the spotty Internet, but I still want to be able to remotely unlock the door or turn on the heater, and Hubitat doesn't have a mobile app yet, and I can't get a good VPN over the cell-based internet.



That is correct. I wasn't sure if locks were supported by Other Hub, but from my reading above, they appear to be.

But note that you don't really need Other Hub or SmartThings at all to do this. You can use a Hubitat Dashboard with the cloud link to view and control Hubitat devices remotely directly from Hubitat--no need to put ST in the middle. (You may have seen misinformation plastered in some corners of the Internet that claim the only way to access Hubitat remotely is with a VPN into your network. Until the mobile app is released, that is currently only the case for hub administration--not device control. Hubitat Dashboards, which are intended for this purpose, have both local and optional cloud links available.) You can also use SharpTools.io, a third-party, cloud-only dashboard solution but one that has an official integration built in to Hubitat.


Thanks for the confirmation! I’ve got a Hubitat enroute to be delivered Saturday. :slight_smile:

And yes, I was under the impression that I needed a VPN to get back to the hubitat dashboard. I’ll be testing that out once I get my Hubitat - I can simulate it with my phone hotspot I think.



Point of clarification...

The mobile app is still device control only, as far as I've read. The App is expected to be Dashboard + Presence (to oversimplify.) The App is not going to do any Administration. Administration will still be a VPN action.


Could have sworn I'd heard staff say at one point that the app would have a sort of "mini-VPN" that would allow remote administration if needed, but now I also see a recent post from Patrick saying that they have no plans. (Of course, I can't find that other post now...)

In any case, hub administration isn't something you should have to do every day, so the cloud-link Dashboard should work or the purposes you desire. You can even put a link to it on your mobile device's home screen if it helps it feel like more of an app. :slight_smile:


I use teamviewer on a pi 3, then the software on your phone or laptop, its free :slight_smile:


I started using TeamViewer as well for my remote logins. I also use ngrok that forwards to A VNC Port as a backup. TeamViewer is more optimized and faster but ngrok is geekier. :slight_smile:


Have you seen this two part article about setting up a VPN on a Raspberry Pi?

Mine has worked flawlessly for about three years. I just do periodic apt-get update and rpi-update every now and then.


No, I haven't. Can you point to it? I use my Orbi's built-in VPN at home, but haven't with my remote site due to the double-or-triple-NAT and/or port blocking that the Cell carriers impose.


Sorry. Forgot the link