[RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0

Yes, all of them.

I tried that. Got error:
Access to graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com was denied
You don't have authorization to view this page.

Yes, point well taken. I am using Other Hub just as a migration tool. Chunk at a time. So no worries, but thanks for the heads up.

One suggestion: some people have been getting "access denied"-type messages in the ST IDE and found the solution was to clear cache and cookies, use a different browser, or try private/incognito mode. I would suggest seeing if that helps your situation. Not sure if it's a problem in ST's side or something that they changed that your browser may still be caching, but I ran into this myself once and my browser's private mode helped me.

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This worked. Mega props.

Clouded by my giddiness over @bertabcd1234's solution to my main problem, I neglected to revert to problem #2, which is that my Alarm in HE won't come over to ST. Already checked the driver is installed in HE. Any theories?

So the "real" device lives on HE and you're trying to put it on ST via HubConnect? If so, then the HubConnect driver for that device should be on (at least) ST, not HE. If that was just a typo above, then to help pinpoint the problem, I'd recommend enabling debug logging on both the server instance app on Hubitat and the remote client SmartApp on ST, then keeping both the HE and ST live logs open as you click "Done" on the page where you (attempt to) add the device, keeping in mind that if you've already selected it you'll probably have to un-select, go out, go back in, and re-select it for it to make another attempt. The logs should show either a successful addition or a clue that will lead you to the cause of failure (probably a missing driver if the above is accurate, so try that before you do this).

No, I’m not using HubConnect. I’m using “Other Hub” by @krlaframboise. The alarm device is created by Konnected in HE but does not show up in ST at all.

Are there any special characters in the name, label, or device network I'd?


Kevin, when I go to the Other Hub Device Viewer, and select "Alarms", I get null.....even though I have a device in Hubitat and the HE "Other Hub" app with an Alarm capability. Is there something I can check?

Are these the same devices you were originally unable to get Other Hub to detect?


Can you post a screenshot of the device's "Device Information" section in Hubitat?

Much obliged sir

Try removing the forward slash from the name.


there is no "thermostat" and "lock" device driver for Other Hub integration.
Is it not possible to use a zwave thermostat/lock with Other Hub ?

If that is so, is there another hub link app that supports thermostat and/or locks ?


There's another app called something like Hub Connect which syncs both ways and most likely supports those devices...


Anyone know how to fix this? I'm new to Hubitat and until I can move from SmartThings I was hoping to use this but it's a pain since none of my Hue devices work due to the / in the network id not being carried over. I'm considering changing the network id's for these devices in Hubitat but I'm concerned that may break something.

Changing the Hue device DNI in Hubitat will break Hubitat's integration because it depends on the DNI being the Hue app integration's app ID, followed by a slash, followed by the Hue-Bridge-assigned device ID.

There are two solutions that could work. In my opinion, the easiest would be just not to share these devices from Hubitat to ST at all. Both platforms have have Hue Bridge integrations that will work for this purpose, so unless you depend on immediate state changes (e.g., for webCoRE piston subscriptions on the ST side), you won't gain anything from doing it this way.

If you do want to share the devices for some reason, HubConnect is an alternative to Other Hub that I know can handle these. I'm not sure if krlaframboise is still interested in maintaining Other Hub (it definitely hasn't been updated in a while), but if so this may indeed be a limitation that might be fixable. Otherwise, there are a few alternative options--hopefully something works for you!

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Encoding the id in the url would probably solve the problem, but at this point it's not worth spending time on.

I wrote this App when Hubitat was new and didn't support a lot of things so that users could partially transition from ST, but between all the devices/integrations Hubitat now supports and the creation of HubConnect, this App is really no longer needed...

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