[RELEASE] of Tuya local Generic Window Blind driver

I see a few people are looking for local (i.e. no cloud) solutions for tuya, and I have gotten a few requests around Window Blind driver. I do not own a tuya window blind myself hance developing a driver has been challenging. But thanks to @vitaliy_kh 's request and later testing the current driver should work for Graywind Motorized Vertical Blinds. As @vitaliy_kh has pointed out in this tread Custom Driver Abnormal Behavior it still has some bugs I haven't been able to figure out as, already pointed out, I do not have the hardware to test on. But if someone else find it useful, here you go:


I confirm the driver works great for my wifi window blind. Thank you so much for your work.
Any chance you can make one for color light bulb?

Homebridge doesn't see any device under Window Shades selection. It does when I use Tuya IoT Platform (Cloud) driver though. If I add the shade under "Others" (only field that see my shades), Homekit shows device not supported.

It would be interesting to give it a go. Do you have the "status" message from the bulb? (see step 12 and 6 in the Quick Summary? I need some information on the endpoints.

I suspect that a capability "WindowShade" needs to be added to my driver for it to be able to be picked up by all Apps/functions. It seems like those two capabilities are somewhat overlapping, and no clear definition on when to use one or the other. Given the required functions is seems that WindowShade is a sub-set of the Window Blind, so they can co-exist in the same driver.

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