[Release] Nexia Thermostat Manager (XL850 and XL824)

This is the port of the ST Nexia Thermostat Manager with the added capability of using the American Standard login. It has been tested with XL850 and the XL824 thermostats, but may also support other devices. The solution requires the app:
and the driver:
These can be imported manually or via HPM.

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Thank you! The hold state seems to be working. It even grabs the name of the current scheduled slot (ie sleeping, evening, etc) when you have the thermostat set to follow a schedule.

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v1.0.3 adds an option to use the American Standard login

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. When I had this unit put in, I was very disappointed that it would not act as a controllable device. I even reached out to Trane and ask if there was a controller that can still use their proprietary communicating wiring but act as a controllable zwave device- “talk to the local vendor” and when pushed “we don’t have a technical dept that customers can interact with.” And of course the local vendor knows how to install and wire, the smart stuff? Not so much.

Frustrating that it all goes through the clouds, but at least I can build automations now! Thank you!

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I have a Trane variable speed system and did not know it would lock me into a specific thermostat because of Trane's proprietary communication protocol. I probably would have went with something else because I really hate the XL850. I think the heat the board generates interferes with the thermostat. So I can set it to 76 and the AC runs and runs and runs and the temperature continues to drop and the thermostat will actually start reporting higher temps. It might go up to 77, which means the AC continues to run. The actual air temperature will drop by quite a bit before the thermostat finally registers a drop in temperature and turns off.

Thanks to this driver I am setting up some temperature sensors and am going to basically override the thermostat. I'll leave a local schedule set as a backup in case the cloud link is down or something.


It does interfere. I had to buy an external Z-wave temp sensor and make it the primary sensor. As far as I know, there is no effective way to prevent the thing from overrunning the set temp while it's using the internal Sensor.

I had mine replaced, and then my HVAC company consulted with a regional Trane/American Standard tech, and he told us to use the external sensor.

To get to that point though, took me several months, and a calibrated thermometer.

Frustrating to be sure.

At the end of the day the System is great, but the thermostat is a Steaming POS.


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