[RELEASE] New beta version for Android and iOS mobile apps

New beta mobile apps for both Android and iOS have been released. Sign up for our public beta here:

Android version 1.3.1 build 61



  • Save credentials features
  • Presence improvements
  • Change hubs bug fixes

iOS version 1.0.6 build 68



  • High Accuracy option for location*
  • Hubs switching fixed
  • Save credentials added to login screen

'* note that enabling this feature will result in high battery consumption



The one thing that has stopped me from using the APp for everything is being able to do any range i want for geofence. The way locative does it is you can zoom in/out on map and the radius is separate from that

i really want to do about 5 mile radius for things to pop in.

The thing stopping me from using the app is horrendous load time... I mean it takes about 10 seconds (no exaggeration) before the app and dashboard finally load up. Using dashboard in browser is actually much faster

@bobbyD I think I signed up for the beta a few months ago. Is there a version number to compare?

1.0.6 (68) on testflight.

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Updated my original post. Thank you.

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Ok, I thought I caught an update on it. Thanks!

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I'm finding the app and the dashboards are slower to load than before. Oh well, don't use the app much so I'll live with it

Android X
Pixel 2


Really? IMHO it's always taken a few more seconds to load, so I didn't notice that it had worsened any. Although it's never been instant. But the internet is quite a large barrier to cross.

Presence has seemed to gotten even worse for my phone and my wife's phone with this update. Both android. It's never been great for either of us but with this version today, neither of our phones were detected as home until well after we arrived.

This isn't ideal as our garage door is on a smart plug, so can't be opened, HSM is armed, thermostat doesn't start heating the house, motion lighting doesn't work. Frustrating!

I feel like there is something up with presence all the way around. I use both HE and Life360 and have been having problems with both. My husband more than myself. 360 showed him arriving home on average 10 minutes after he actually got here. Keep in mind the 360 app gives me notification on arrival. Not HE.

Presence seems to be working well with the Super Presence enabled

How do you enable super presence? I don't see any options for it.

I don't either .

I must admit I didn’t try without this enabled. Also, I force closed the app and presence has worked well today without killing the battery.

That's not on mine. I checked version number and have the latest beta. On Android.

Sorry, looks like it’s only for iOS

Wait a minute. Reread first post and realized that was only IOS.

Well I'm sitting in my house and all of a sudden the mobile app thinks I've left my fairly large geo fence. It would normally take a few minutes if driving to leave the geo fence. I have it set fairly large because we often arrive home and the hub still thinks we are away.

Lights all turn off, front door locks, thermostat lowers, alarm arms... All convenient when you are actually leaving the houses not so much when you haven't.

I sent another instance like this to support but never heard back so I'm not going to waste my time again. I'll just share it here with the community.

I also emailed to follow up on another bug I reported, my Levitin z wave plus switches reporting multiple physical presses after being turned off digitally, and never heard back from them either. Feel similar to my wink days

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