[RELEASE] New beta version for Android and iOS mobile apps brings advanced presence options

New beta mobile apps for both Android and iOS have been released. Sign up for our public beta here:

Android version 1.5.2 build 87


iOS version OS is 1.1.1 build 89



Both mobile apps introduce new "Advanced Presence Options". Based on popular demand, users now have an option to delay when the presence changes are posted.

  • Send presence only while in motion (now, if the user is not walking, running or driving, the location change is ignored).
  • Validate location on network change.
  • Delay presence posting (when a location change occurs, users can add a delay in minutes to allow for short walks outside the geofence area, without reporting a presence change)

Please note that both apps are under their respective store reviews and will become available within a few hours.



Hard to enjoy.

I know, both apps are under their respective store reviews and will become available within a few hours. Thank you for your patience!


The iOS version just became available

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i download the android version no issue.. dont see much i need to test in the new fxionality though. beta of 2.2.4 would be nicer

I installed the iOS version and turned on the option to verify presence on network change. It may help when returning home at least, although presence has been pretty solid except when the app updates and I forget to open it once or on my wifes pone where she is never in the app except when I notice it isn't updating and have her open it again.)

I noticed the new Beta expires in 28 days though usually they are set to 90 days for new Betas.


I was soo hopeful that the beta iOS client had geofencing licked. I’ve not had the client report I’m away when I’m at home. This is the first that it reports home when I’m more than 10mi from home

Update: just saw v90 on TestFlight. Will report back

@bobbyD Can you please explain to us what "Validate location on network change" means? I am wondering what the use case is for enabling that, because sometimes I arrive home, the app sends the correct signal to the hub, but within a few seconds it will send a depart signal while I am still within the geofence.

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@bobbyD just a heads up I'm on latest beta on android, obviously due to covid don't go out much, and it didn't log my departure, when opening app it said I was inside geo fence but my blue dod was well out. Closed the app fully and started it again and it worked.

Checked power saving settings.

Is the a way to set it to force restart like every eve?

Did you ever figure out what this means?

What does " * Validate location on network change" do exactly?

I think it means when you switch from wifi to mobile, and vice-versa, or any other network changes, it will ping location again. This is just my best guess.


Can we get an official response as to what, "Validate location on network change" means? I am using an adhoc method of detecting when my family is on the network to control certain functions within the house. If this will tell the hub when someone is home or not via the wifi then I could remove my current method for presence sensing (can't use geofence as it is too broad for my use case).

It means that the phone is not reported as "departed" if the network changes but the location doesn't.


Thank you very much for your response. Is there any network presence in the pipeline? Or is there one and I am just missing it?

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