[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® Tstats, Protects and Sensors: all Nest attributes available (home/away, motion detection, setTargetHumidity, setHotWaterBoost) for automation-and no throttling!


Thank you! Works great to pull the Nest Tstats, Sensors, and Protects into Hubitat. Now I'm going to have some fun :slight_smile:

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Thnx for the feedback...I'm glad that my hard work is helping this community.

Don't forget that there are some complimentary smartapps for the Nest tstat at my github:


Hi is anyone able to confirm whether this works with the Nest Thermostat E in the UK? I've heard some reports that bad nest doesn't work for some reason.

Hi @a4refillpad,

@Royski is using MyNextManager in the UK for the hot water Boost, but I don't know which tstat model he's using.

The only tstat that may not be supported is the following (Nest thermostat E with heat link):

To be confirmed.


Yes all UK Nest Thermostat E devices are heatlink. How would we know if this will work or not? Is there anything I can do to check before purchasing the code?

@Royski will tell you. It's working at his location with the heat link.

Sadly guys I cannot say, I have the Nest 3rd Gen which supports hot water, and is just for the UK market (as far as I'm aware).

The Thermostat E isn't just for the UK/EU @yracine66, doesn't anyone in the US use it with your app and drivers?

Yes, the thermostat E is supported, but I'm talking about the thermostat E with the heat link (UK version) which doesn't exist in North America.


It's strange why it would be any different. It obviously appears in the web UI just like any other thermostat on nest.
All UK Nest thermostats use a form of heatlink too.

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The thermostat E with heat link (UK) may be different as it's not exposed to the Nest APIs. Nest has decided not to expose it for some reasons. That's my understanding.

It's there maybe a test device handler with minimal functionality eg just on/off you can give people to test compatibility?

No sorry, I haven't had time to develop such a driver.

I'm a new user of the Next Manager on Hubitat and following the documentation all (5) of my Protects, (1) sensor, but only (3) of my (4) thermostats were discovered. I've tried deleting and re-adding, re-naming, etc but nothing I do discovers the one remaining Tstat. This is the newest of my thermostats as it replaced one that failed last month. Nothing in the logs seems interesting specifically to the problem and I'm at a loss at this point what else to try. Any suggestions?

Hi, please send me the logs (filtered for MyNextManager only) at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

I need to look at them first.

Are you a Google or Nest account user?


Thank you @yracine66! I am a Nest account user. Since I have a gsuite account, migrating is not an option for me -- at this time.

Logs Sent.

Hi, I only see 3 tstats (devices=) to be exposed in the logs. So, your new Tstat is not linked to your Nest account user.... I've responded to you with some workarounds.

I don't see the MyNextAlarmV3 For Protects driver on the github, am I missing something?

Hi @rlithgow1, please refer to the 1st post of this thread.

You'd need first to contribute at my store to download the code.


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