[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® Tstats, Protects and Sensors: all Nest attributes available (home/away, motion detection, setTargetHumidity, setHotWaterBoost) for automation-and no throttling!

Thank you @yracine66! I am a Nest account user. Since I have a gsuite account, migrating is not an option for me -- at this time.

Logs Sent.

Hi, I only see 3 tstats (devices=) to be exposed in the logs. So, your new Tstat is not linked to your Nest account user.... I've responded to you with some workarounds.

I don't see the MyNextAlarmV3 For Protects driver on the github, am I missing something?

Hi @rlithgow1, please refer to the 1st post of this thread.

You'd need first to contribute at my store to download the code.



Just want to inform my contributors and all Nest users that a new version of MyNextTstat(v3.4) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.

You can download the Next devices at my store:


  • All you need to do is to copy &paste the new code over the existing one for the device driver

  • Prior to the code upload, you'd just need to save the tokens info and restore it after the copy & paste.

  • Since V3 of MyNextDevices, the UI presentation adds the following commands for controlling your HVAC:

    • setTargetHumidity: to control your humidity inside your home via your dehumidifier/humidifier connected to Nest
    • setHotWaterBoost: to set a boiler's hotWaterBoost timer in minutes (Europe)
    • Nest Home or Away: to set your Nest structure to Home or Away.
  • You can also called the following custom commands for more control over your Nest Tstat. MyNextTstat (v3.4) introduces new dual fuel commands for dualFuel/alt/emergency heating.

    • setThermostatFanSchedule: to create fan schedules at your tstat
    • setThermostatFanTimer: to set the fan timer in minutes
    • setDualFuelBreakpointTemp: if you have dualFuel/alt/emergency heating, you can set the breakpoint temperature for switching to dualFuel/alt/emergency heating
    • setDualFuelBreakpointMode: You can set the following mode for alt/emergency/dual heating: "DUALFUEL_BREAKPOINT_ALWAYS_ALT" or "DUALFUEL_BREAKPOINT_ALWAYS_PRIMARY". This command allows finer control of your dualFuel/alt/emergency heating.

MyNextTstat (p1)

MyNextTstat (p2)

MyNextAlarm For Protects

On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My NextTstat DTH and are located at my github.

You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

MyNextManagerV3.2, MyNextTstatV3.4, MyNextAlarmV3 (For Protects) are available at my store:


P.S. As a reminder, MyNext devices are fully compatible with dashboards (ex. SharpTools) and rule engines (RM, WebCore, Sharptools).


I am having a bit of an issue here and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing. I installed the app and driver per the directions, however it couldn't find my Nest Thermostat but it could find my two Nest Remote Temperature sensors.

My thermostat is visible via the Google SDM API. Is there a possible conflict?


Hi, which model of thermostat? Did you get the tstat from a partner (utility) or from ebay?

You can try the following:



I have the latest model of the nest learning thermostat which I bought from the Google store. I followed the directions posted and re-added it and now it shows up!

Thanks for the help!



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You'll be able to enjoy many more features, attributes and commands than the standard Google APIs...And, you can change the polling interval to every minute in MyNextManager (last page) if you want faster updates from the Nest Web APIs and no throttling.


Hi there,

I'm getting errors on the Hot water side, although it is successful when I check in Nest.

The status isnt updated any longer in the device.

hot_water_active : false
hot_water_away_active : false
hot_water_boiling_state : true
hot_water_boost_time_to_end : 1610279949
hot_water_boost_time_to_end_s : None

Anything I can check?
But like I say, it does turn the water on, its just not reflected.

I have automations set up that when its turned on, it checks 10 seconds later for hot_water_active : true if its not, I turn my virtual switch off, which sets the duration back to 0.

Then I can run it again.

Any help appreciated.

Hi, you may have changed your Nest password or your 2AF (or some other settings in your Nest/google account) and somehow you've lost your auth thokens (error 401, unauthorized exception).

You'd need to get a new auth token according to the following instructions.


P.S. I also recommend removing your logs from the forum as the logs contain personal & confidential info about your location and thermostat.


Thanks for the note on the logs :+1:

Yes, I had already rehashed the details to make sure they were up to date, so the logs were taken after this. I'm doing it again just to be sure.

I'll update you, thanks.

Issues still. I've now tried the process 3 extra time, but see the same response.

HttpResponseException: Unauthorized,error response=401


Your cookie is still not valid. Please follow the instructions and screenshots in order
to copy the right login information in the header of MyNextManager and Save in the IDE.

As you've done it once, you should be able to manage it a second time.

I kept it as was, then removed both the device and app, reinstalled and its fine again.

BTW, I had done this a total of 4 times, doing it exactly the same.
Only removing and reinstalling resolved it.

Hi, I forgot to mention that you'd need to execute MyNextManager after inserting the login info in the header and save.


Yup, that was also performed :slight_smile:

Hello. Trying to install the Next driver and I keep getting this error:
Metadata Error: Capability 'thermostatSetpoint' not found

I've tried to poke around and see what I can find, but I'm missing something.

This is just the nest tstat package.


Hi, which hub and version are you using?
And, which driver or smartapp is triggering this error message?


P.S. Are you trying to upload a SmartThings driver into Hubitat? It won't work. You'd need to contribute to the NextTstat at the hubitat Store. The code has been optimized for Hubitat.

Download the Hubitat app