[RELEASE] MQTT UA Client driver(switch, ir blaster) | tasmota

So The code above for the driver allows for a Tasmota device to work with HE with no Broker? (I presume the custom Tasmota FW referred to is also needed). I’m not a code guy and just barely managed to flash my Tuya Smartlife device.

If device toggled outside of HE - dashboard won't know. In my case - all works

Yes it will. It is broadcast to HE with Eric's custom firmware. I am on my phone so I can't link to it at the moment.

I'm not a big fan of relying on custom firmware of Tasmota. Usually forks are not good in providing support. Community consolidated around main repo. I guess it's a slippery slope.
Also - there is no support for retaining messages, like mqtt has. I added this in my driver.
When client disconnected - broker will retain the message while reconnected client. Very helpful in crowded wifi networks

Okay. But you have to have a broker. Which is another thing to fail. I've never not had the other work.

That's why I'm looking for [API] Listen a TCP/UDP port from Driver?
For getting ability to build mqtt broker within hubitat

Mqtt broker can be installed as a cluster to multiple devices in the network for not fail

Then I have to have multiple devices to install it on.

And as far as firmware updates, as long as the device works, I'm not updating to the latest firmware for Tasmota. Why would i if the device works anyway?

It's easy to use all family mobile phones to do that, all android devices around(even TV boxes). (Just termux + termux api + termux boot + nodejs +...)
Or 2 HE hubs which makes sense anyway for not fighting with struggle of building mesh networks and supporting big number of ZigBee/zWave devices

Nope, nope and more nope. LOL. Sorry, but you're not selling me on MQTT for Tasmota. Not when there's a direct integration. Now, there are other reasons why i'd like MQTT support. But i don't see how you get a broker working natively on the hub without access to the OS. You can program one in Groovy?

Yes, there is a way to program one in groovy

Okay. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Without API for building TCP services in HE I can come up with nothing

So, like i said, without access to the OS, you can't build a broker in the hub. :slight_smile:


I would pay for the developer access for the Built-in APP building opportunity

And they have said many times they will not ever do that. From a support perspective that would be a nightmare.

If keeping those drivers opensource - not necessarily

Native Hubitat drivers are not open source. You don't have access to the drivers released by Hubitat.

Added support for IR Blaster

Tested and working on Tuya IR Bridge