[RELEASE] Meteorological Seasons driver

Version 2.x released - and Hubitat Package Manager integration completed and tested!

Some may noticed that the original name of the driver has changed. I have completed the addition of Southern Hemisphere support - so this is no longer specific to the northern hemisphere - and hence the change to the driver title. I ran HPM and it updated auto-magically.

I must say one of the most useful tools of my Hub is the HPM! The work of Profile - dman2306 - Hubitat is highly under-stated and I've a new-found appreciation for that effort!
Thank you @dman2306 !!!


New release - ....x2.10 today.
Because I'm a huge fan of @jpage4500 and his Android Dashboard - I wanted to really dial in the tile so that image and text in tile form worked well. I think I've done a good job - not great but good.
The new tiling supports responsive, and images are now perfectly centered and adhere to tile structure.
The down side is I don't understand HE tiles. Because I come from the Drupal world, I'm used to clear, perfectly adjusted structures to work on (top of..) In this case, HE uses a minimalistic approach and doesn't define containers in easy to rely on ways. Dashboard tiles can be overridden in the CSS so it's not a big deal - but I couldn't target parent div for centering without knowing the dashboard HxW beforehand. It does explain why so many troubles happen with my dashboards and OP's work.
Anyways. (gotta be careful or i'll hear the wrath of HE).
Also added - you can now change the color and font size of the seasonName text when using the Tile. Shu

@jshimota, just to let you know that the link on the first post to the raw code is broken.

Hi @nclark - Thank you for pointing that out. I'll put that old original back. I later changed the app and was successful getting it into Hubitat Package Manager ...
I believe that is functional. I'll double check things a bit later today.

Without putting the old original code, you should just update the link to the latest version on the first post of the thread. Not everyone uses PM and sometimes we just like to go browse the code of others for inspiration without having to install via package manager.

Howdy @nclark I've resolved the original post to be more user friendly, accurate and suitable. Enjoy.


Hi @jshimota
Firstly, thanks for this great addition to Hubitat.
Why does there always have to be a but........... Sorry.
I just looked at my device and it does not appear to be updating.
The device is still saying the 14th of November.
There is a scheduled job that runs every day at 6am but I don't think anything is updating as there is nothing in the events.
Any thoughts on what may be wrong?
More than happy to supply you with any information before I start to play.
BTW I'm running ver 0.2.11 and I loaded it through HPM. No update has shown up for it in HPM.

@bobbles heya - so ... can you screen cap that Date issue? where is it saying the 14th? up under current states?
Now that you point it out, those event posts under current dates are NOT updating daily. I had originally used those values purely for debugging - they weren't a part of the tile creation and attributes for Rules that I needed originally. If you want, I'm happy to modify the current version to include updating those values on the schedule as well. I submit tho, that it would better to use the hub info dates and mask your date layouts but I'm glad to make the changes if it helps you.

Oh wow. my scheduled refresh did NOT run properly! Running off to fix.

OK. I'll hold up.
I only noticed as it should have changed today on a tile I have that is showing the season.
Should be winter now but it is showing fall.
Thanks for looking so promptly. :slight_smile:

That should do it - I ran a repair with HPM against Meteorological Seasons and pulled the newest (0.2.12). My schedule update was running the 'checkSeason' - but since it didn't update the date first, it would also leave it untouched. I've changed it, and tested. (you can test too if you'd like - go into your OS and set your date back a day - then on Hub settings set 'get date from browser'.)
press refresh on driver after you've installed this latest version.
Set your date back, push refresh. It should come up with updated dates AND season both times.

Thanks Shu.
Updated to the latest, pressed save settings and it has updated ok.
Will check in a couple of day.
Thanks again.

Hi @jshimota
Just thought I'd let you know that I checked how things were going today and can confirm that it is doing it's refresh OK at 6am daily.
Thanks again.

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Just what I was looking for @jshimota, thankyou.

Setup was a breeze and seems to be working fine for Southern hemisphere, though I'm not sure what fall means (I know I'm due for one soon) :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL! it never occurred to me that the season name may be different. What do they call it down under? Autumn?

Hehe yeah, mostly have evergreen trees here.

Hi just installed your driver and it says that winter ends on the 29th February, unfortunately the next 29th February is 2024. Now I know climate change is affecting things but I'm not looking forward to a 2 year British winter :cold_face:

Great Driver by the way just got to work out what I want to do with it now :laughing:

Alrighty - I've added an ability for you to select what you like to call the season after Summer.

I posted the repository.json at 4:30p pst - might take a while till it's available. the new version is 2.15.

@jon.d.tyler That Feb 29 thing was actually on purpose. when I was doing research I specifically focused on what season it fell in. I now display the Feb 28 instead.
I do NOT check for leap year. I had thought about implementing an isleap() check but it honestly wasn't worth it! Actually the code will get it right so other than a display value for 90 days out of 4 years... bleh. I skipped it.

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Simply amazing. I was just being facetious, I didn't actually expect you to do anything about it, and overnight (for me) to boot. Really impressed mate, cheers.


Thanks for sorting that out so quickly

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