[Release] Magic Home Wifi (Drivers) + MagicHome Manager (App)

I think [quote="Rxich, post:274, topic:5197"]
All the github links in OP go to 404.

That’s odd... I just tested a few them logged out and was able to load them. I’ll check into that more later. Here’s a link to their parent directory if they continue to not work.

Thanks for catching that bug in presets. It should be storing 0-100 for speed (or 99). I actually just changed how they were handled in the last version, and will get that fixed in 0.87.

Infinite thanks to Chuck for pointing that hint out in another thread :slight_smile:

No specifics. I think it’s moreso just a general error I have in the scheduling or socket routines. If you haven’t seen any slowness yet, I’d imagine you’ll be ok with one more.


Hey Adam weird issues lost control of led single color dimmer . From HE dashboard no issues . But pico remote lost functional use to control it. Lost group control also.


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If you press initialize in the device, does it begin to work again?

I'm testing my "wonkiness" and am suspecting it might be the unfortunate coincidence of a couple of unrelated devices going low-battery at the same time. Possibly/probably not 0.86. Willl advise.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Keep me in the loop.

Hey Adam

Nope weird CW Bulb controller shows up as dimmer not as bulb. I have lost Dimming via pico remotes no matter which way i assign them in HE on CW Bulb or Dimmable controller and regular RGB.


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Hey Adam

Also slow when i got home ,


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Thanks, Scott!

Do you have any rules or automations tied to your devices? It's helpful for debugging :slight_smile:

Hey Adam

  Just simple lighting rules on and off ,present and then button controllers for dim up and down. 


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Did this end up being part of your implementation or part of the websockets implementation? Are you still getting slowdowns while using an active websocket client?

The short answer is ... I’m not sure :slight_smile:

The other short answer is that the new version offers telnet OR socket. I’m working with staff to debug what the actual issue is. Telnet doesn’t slow down, but the routine flow is a little different between the two.

Okay, cool. The reason I'm wondering is because I'm trying to pinpoint some slowdown behavior as you've explained and an eventual crash (just one time). I haven't determined for sure what is causing the slowdown but at this point I have only drivers with a websocket implementation disabled and my hub has been fantastically stable.

Please continue to update this thread if you find any fixes or problems.

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What is the other websocket driver you have? Might be helpful for debugging

This section bothers me

def setLevel(level) {
// Set the brightness of a device (0-100)
level > 100 ? (level = 100) : null
sendEvent(name: "level", value: level)
logDebug "Level set to ${level}"

setColor(hue: device.currentValue("hue"), saturation: device.currentValue("saturation"), level: level)


Ogiewon's Logitech integration. Again, I don't know for sure if it's websockets or if my hub just hasn't been up long enough since the last slowdown and crash. I'm only at about 36 hours uptime. Or if it's just that these extra devices are pushing the hub to its limit. I don't have any automations with the Logitech or Magic Home devices so they really shouldn't be adding much load especially idle. They are mostly for control and consolidation so that everything is in one place.

I was having slowdowns usually within 24 hours and they would get gradually worse until I had 2 and 3 second response times to any automation. I'm guessing I didn't catch one in time and that's why the hub went down.

Anyway, I'm trying to isolate the cause and the next few days should be very telling hopefully.

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Hi Scott!

Why does that bother you?

— thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks! Let me know what you find

I received my development hub today. I’ve got ~20 MagicHome devices with the new driver running on my home hub with over 100 hours of uptime. First reboot was last night with a developer update. I’m gonna keep working on it and aim for a release in the next couple days

Its the level level double call.


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Hm? There’s only one call in there. SendEvent(...) is a status write to the database only. I’ll take a look at it and triple check there’s nothing recursive, but that’s the practiced method to write this.

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