[Release] Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.89

I'm glad I was able to save you some cash! I actually did the same thing with my tank a couple years ago. My 55-gal tank's built-in lights were 12v LEDs, and I was just able to throw on a magic home controller to automate it :slight_smile:

Now, I've got a 35 gallon hexagonal tank, and I've been trying to figure out lighting for that.

It looks like you're using an RGB controller—correct? But then, the channels are joined together to control one channel of LEDs?

I'm also trying to take a look at your fish there ... some type of a Cory catfish? And maybe tetras of some sort? :slight_smile:

I am actually using the RGBW controller with a set of RGB LEDs. I had the dongle hanging around. Made it work which was awesome. It creates a natural light for the fish which is actually better than the previous LED lights which were blazing white.

Cory catfish, tetras, betas and frogs. Anything fresh water she has them. We have a total of 5 tanks throughout the house. Just glad I have a solution to the Petco $1/gallon tanks we bought which have the non-replaceable light sources.

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I'm interested in using Magic home to control a led strip.

Is this compatible with your driver? Should I look into any specific version of these controllers? There are a lot of controllers that look like this one that have this qr code

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It sure is! As long as your controller works with the MagicHome app, this driver will work. :slight_smile:



Just checking in to see if there is any ETA on when the new release will be available? I know your working on the lightify one as well (Also awaiting that one. :slight_smile: )

Just having a hard time getting a 24v controller that has the options that I want. was going to go the RGBgenie or Geledopto versions but they do not have good driver support, just the basics, no effects or features (Well the RGBgenie via z-wave dows, but no remote or app support)

Which device were you thinking about? Current drivers are pretty dang solid—only a few will see major upgrades in 0.9, but I’m currently working on custom functions with them.

These are the ones I have been using.


But they seemed to give issue with HU and your driver. once they are removed fro HU, then hu is no longer slow. I remember looking in the logs and seeing that it was having a lot of events in the log. And thought you mention at one time that would be fixed in .9 along with some goodies.

Which hub version are you on?

That’s one of the controllers that will receive the most beneficial updates in 0.90 :slight_smile:

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Hardware Version

Rev C-5

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Okay. So, I can finally talk about this:

Since switching to the external DB a few months ago, and as of v. 2.1.9.X, socket slowdown issues and 500 errors have gone away entirely. This is why I haven't pushed any updates to Rootin' Tootin' for a few months.

I've been pushing all of my hubs relatively hard, and the performance is the same today as it was 11 days ago (the last time I had to power down our office hub). Prior to that, I'd had 2-3 weeks of testing and uptime (we redid our network/server area, and the hub was powered down during a move). There are 15-20 MagicHome devices on that hub, and a few other LAN devices that run on a similar protocol.

Once the external DB hits the public (it's currently in testing, I'd believe), I'd recommend you switch over to it. I'd also change the MagicHome refresh time to something like 40 seconds (though, I do have one running on 5s intervals and it's fine --- I also tested it at 2 seconds for 24 hours and didn't notice any negative impact).


Sorry but silly question. External DB? What are you talking about.

I have your 0.89 driver installed controlling three of the RGB controllers in post # 543. I’ve been using it for about a month now. Two are installed and one I my test strip.

I did learn the hard way that decreasing the refresh to 1 second does allow you to control light patterns like the MagicHome app but doesn’t do good things to the overall responsiveness of the hub :wink: I keep it set at 60 and I think I could disable this feature in my case because I only control them through your driver.

Anyway I have been following your thread since the original install and I don’t remember you mentioning external DB before.

Btw your live stream was awesome.

OK, my turn...
What's a live stream and how do I watch it??


Lol. Glad I’m not the only one :wink:

See this thread.


Just got a Magic Home-compatible controller and got confused by the Presets. I mistakenly assumed that it's was the DIY boxes on bottom of screen. is there a way to select those in your app. I am just interested in single colors, not pulsing or strobing thru multiple colors. I'm boring. It's white 6500 light for TV bias lighting when TV is on and blue when the nearest Alexa is talking or playing music so far. I use the Hubitat Nodes in Node Red and it takes 3 Command Nodes to set color with HSL because Maker API won't accept the HSL format in brackets. That's fine but being able to use one node is preferred.

Can you pass a custom command through?

I can add a setRGB command for you.

I wouldn't worry about it. Here is my problem:

from this thread.

Since I am using Node Red and it relies on Maker API, I cannot use setColor. I would assume that would rule out RGB too. The Hubitat Command Node can only pass the commands that the driver supports. It's not a big deal. I just have to do this to set a color using 3 consecutive nodes; one each for Hue, Saturation, and Level. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in the driver that would allow be to use those DIY colors.

Thank you thank you for this driver. I have had an LED strip behind my TV for bias lighting for over a year that has a cheap IR remote so I never did anything with it other than keep it white. With a $12 controller and your driver, I can start having some fun with it. It probably won't be good for the WAF though.

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I tried your driver to control a RGB led strip and it works great, thanks!
I have 2 noob questions:

1- What's the purpose of the number field below the preset options?
2- Is it possible to apply one of those presets in a rule in Hubitat? For example, I want the led strip to strobe after a movement is detected during the night. I can turn it on and off but I didn't find a way to do this

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The first preset option selects the preset number (1-23). The second is the speed of the preset.

For rule machine—create a custom command to call whichever preset you’d like to fire. Then, select it as an action for your rule :slight_smile:

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@adamkempenich seeing these issues in the logs after 2.20 update.

dev:44632020-04-21 09:06:59.150 pmerrorjava.lang.RuntimeException: CronExpression '0/60 * * * * ? *' is invalid. on line 460 (initialize)

dev:44632020-04-21 09:06:59.120 pmerrorjava.lang.RuntimeException: CronExpression '0/60 * * * * ? *' is invalid. on line 460 (initialize)

dev:44632020-04-21 09:06:58.405 pmerrorjava.lang.RuntimeException: CronExpression '0/60 * * * * ? *' is invalid. on line 460 (initialize)

dev:44632020-04-21 09:06:24.879 pmerrorjava.lang.RuntimeException: CronExpression '0/60 * * * * ? *' is invalid. on line 460 (updated)

dev:44632020-04-21 09:06:03.511 pmerrorjava.lang.RuntimeException: CronExpression '0/60 * * * * ? *' is invalid. on line 460 (initialize)


Yeah. You’ll have to change your refresh settings to 1-59 seconds. The old scheduler was a little more forgiving with that.