[Release] Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.89

Does it work normally when you press on/off in the device itself? I’ve never experienced this with a rule—and I have devices that are require some precision for on/off timing that run every day. If you use a different device, does this still happen?

You can dim and set color through rule machine—absolutely :slight_smile: Just use the set Level or set Color in rule action like with any other decide.

Also: welcome to the community!

Thanks for the response. If I just switch it on, it will switch on immediately but not via the rule. and also controlling a rule to change the color to a level does not even work at all !?

I’ve never experienced this. If you enable logging for the rule and watch your logs, does it have any useful data?

Does this happen if you use a different device?

Just wanted to share with this thread and @adamkempenich that the Hubitat Support team suspected that my Magic Home was causing my hub to lock up and throw Error 500s, causing many of my devices to become unresponsive, and ultimately requiring a reboot.

I originally thought that the Chromecast Beta integration was the source of my problems, but I removed that and still was having probs. When I sent my logs to support, this is the reply I got.

While researching your case, we have identified that your problem may be caused by a custom code. It appears that Magic Home integration may be the cause of your problems. I suggest to temporarily disable any custom code to see if your problem persists. If it is, then we will further research to identify the possible root cause and will provide you with an estimated resolution time-frame.
If your problems go away, then you can enable your custom apps or drivers, one at the time, to identify which one is the problem. Once the offending custom code is identified, then you can escalate the problem in our community so that the developer can fix it.

Not suggesting or implying anything about this driver, and I know @adamkempenich has been working hard on it and been extremely helpful to me and the community. But in case anyone else was running into similar gremlins, I thought I'd share. It could just as easily be a conflict with another driver or device in my system, and not having anything to do with the Magic Home driver itself.

This is the error that I'm getting every minute:

dev:3532019-10-09 06:09:04.342 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object on line 473 (socketStatus)
dev:3532019-10-09 06:09:00.147 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object on line 473 (socketStatus)
dev:3532019-10-09 06:09:00.099 pm debugfalse
dev:3532019-10-09 06:08:04.415 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object on line 473 (socketStatus)
dev:3532019-10-09 06:08:00.255 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object on line 473 (socketStatus)
dev:3532019-10-09 06:08:00.122 pm debugfalse
dev:3532019-10-09 06:07:00.185 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object on line 473

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Interesting. Thanks for the report. Which driver are you using, and after how long did you notice the 500 error was happening? I’m not getting the minus issue, but I would love to solve this once and for all.

I’ve never been able to link a 500 error with the updated drivers, but I’ve had my occasional suspicions.

Edit: I just wanted to add that I get 500 errors even with the MagicHome devices disabled. Perhaps I have another bad driver/app, as well. To combat it, I reboot every day at 0300 and haven’t had any issues in a few weeks. Anyone else experiencing this? Data is power :slight_smile:

I was trying to avoid doing the daily reboot, but I guess its probably the easiest way to solve the symptoms.

I'd been having the issue with .87 and then upgraded today to .88 and ran into the same issue. Sometimes thing would work for a few days, and othertimes something would lock up in a few hours. So I finally just shot my logs to Support to see what they had to say.

Most of my research led me to believe the Chromecast Integration was causing my freezes, and I was humming along nicely for almost a week before I got my 500 today (while playing with the Plex Communicator and Media Scene apps).

Like I said, I don't mean to imply anything is wrong with the driver. Just wanted to share what the official support team had to say.

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I don't know which specific driver @ckronengold is using, but I can tell you I have never seen a 500 error with the RGB Controller using sockets.

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When you upgraded to 0.88, did you switch to sockets?

Which driver are you using? I can run some tests on my dev hub. :slight_smile:

Edit: just want to say that I agree—hub reboot shouldn’t be necessary, but I’d rather have automations that work, and a happy wife, while rebooting once a day, other than the other option :rofl:

I had been using sockets already.
I was running Magic Home Wifi Controller - RGBW

MagicHome Wifi - Controller (RGB + W) 0.88

And agreed 110% on the happy wife issue. I left the kitchen lights and the automations that start when someone comes home on our Alarm system's z-wave controller. That stuff worked perfectly, mostly because it was real simple stuff. Hubitat is where I "play" and have all the man cave automations running so I don't interfere with "hers."

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@bjcowles I hear ya. And I had no reason to think anything with @adamkempenich 's driver was causing my headaches. I only wanted to share what the Hubitat Support folks had to say. They could certainly be wrong.


I hope you don't think I was being accusatory or doubting what you posted. I was just trying to give Adam some data- the driver I'm using doesn't seem to have any problems. :smiley:

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Not at all! Glad you did. Probably not as glad as @adamkempenich, though.

Its probably some odd interaction with my Google Home, since I know I've had problems with the Android app losing connection to the cloud servers for MagicHome, and MH has been way less than helpful in figuring that out.

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Could using the RGB vs the RBG+W driver be the issue?

I ordered some RGB controllers to test with a blacklight LED strip. And RGB+W for the LEDs under my daughter's bed. I think I've got an RGB+W controller (since thats the driver I picked), but maybe I hooked up the RGB. I can't be sure, and can't check right now.

I could have put the wrong controller under the bed without realizing it. Could that be it?

It shouldn’t be. The socket implementation is just copied/pasted between the drivers for the most part. I usually start my batch changes in the RGB or RGBWW drivers, so it’s possible I mixed up something during some of the code transfers.

@ckronengold What is your setting for Reconnect Pings set to in your RGBW device settings page? The error looks like it comes into play because that may not be saved properly. I'd set it to 3 and hit save --- even if there is already a value in that field.

I think it is 3, but I'd have to check when I get home.

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Github definitely shows when I got married :laughing:


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Thanks. I’ll do my best to get 0.89 with a fix today. A foot of snow in North Dakota wasn’t part of my original schedule, but I think I can still find time :joy:

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That doesn't look like much fun. No pressure from my end!