[Release] Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.89

Updated from 87 to 88 and set to sock @0600, fingers crossed.

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Ohhh yeah. Some good fixes in 0.88 that should fix your slowdown. I changed some of the logic pretty substantially.

Would that be the reason for this crap ? My Magic Home LED WiFi controller isn’t even plugged in and nothing triggered this to happen.

I have three MH Wi-Fi controllers running great on latest HE and .88 using socket. Only if I switch to telnet do I get hub slow downs and logs full of errors. All good here, wasn't always, but working great now.

If you’re on 87, yes.

That’s one of the reasons it’s getting removed in the next version. :slight_smile:

On 88. :frowning:

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If the driver can't find the device it's going to throw errors. Do you get the same errors when the controller is plugged in?

This is accurate. If it can’t connect to the device, this is expected behavior. At first I thought it was compounding the errors, but it looks like they’re firing ever however many seconds, and not all at once (on vacation here and didn’t look too closely).

I do not keep them plugged in because they are only used periodically for displays. I guess I will unlink them from the HE.

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You can just disable error logging in the device :slight_smile: Those routines don’t slow it down at all.

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Ok, I will do that then.

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Been good for a few days now. :smile:

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Adam I have been playing with your snazzy hsvToRGB code and I am having a issue when rgbMap is converted to a byte it's producing negative numbers...

rgbMap does return 0.0, 255.0, 239.70001 but byte produces 0, -1, -17 for the values and that's not right.

So I need to convert the rgbMap into whole numbers and that's where I am stuck at. Any help you can give ?

Never mind I got it..

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Glad you got it :slight_smile: What’d you end up doing to fix it?

Edit: Looks like your answer was in that other thread

Hi all! Working on the last 0.8X revision here ... has anyone been experiencing slowdown, bugs, etc.?

Things have been pretty smooth on my hubs, so I'd like to see if there's any issues that others have experienced that should be fixed in 0.89

I used toInteger() to get a whole number

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All good here.

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I still have trouble getting red to display. When I select RED as my light color in RM4 it displays as white. I can put in custom values like 99,0,100 and it works. Other than that I've not hit any problem with my four LED strips.

These are great for back lighting a TV and can't be beat for lighting around cabinets.

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Thanks! I have an idea of what might be going on here :slight_smile: