[Release] Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.89

I have this one, as listed in your first post:

I did try both the telnet and socket options; neither seemed to have any change in how it performed.

I'm not sure on the firmware on the RGB controller - for some reason the app is refusing to connect locally to the light. The app works to control it over the internet, but even when I have the phone on the same wifi network it won't local connect. I'll mess with it more tonight. Might even full reset the controller and see if starting over helps. Is there a way to update the firmware on these?

Update: I removed the controller from the app and from HE, reset it, and set it back up from scratch. So I can say the firmware on the device is 25.v2.8.6457-A. And it made no difference - I'm still getting the same effect of it turning on with old colors and sometimes not at all.

Update 2: When I set it up, I picked "RGB" as the mode in the app. I'm using it with an RGB strip. Does that matter to the HE driver? Should I use DIM, CCT, or RGBWW? I've got the strip wired to just the RGB terminals. I did try RGBWW mode, but that didn't change anything either.

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Nope. The only thing that changes is how the app loads the UI for your device. Thankfully, the protocol is the same, or I'd be dealing with a nightmare-ish number of drivers to create :laughing:

I'll take a look into the other stuff once the dust settles from traveling. :slight_smile:

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0.88 is out. Rock solid. Use socket if you're on 2.1+.

This will be the last version with Telnet, since future features will rely on parsing. I'll release my current work as an example driver and simplify it for others to use.


Hello Adam,

I'm getting an error, could you look into it? Thanks

RGBW Controller with IR remote

Do you have your settings for failed ping attempts and refresh set? Sounds like one of those isn’t saved properly as a number.

Ok, I had to uninstall both controllers, re installed, now I get this on both controller logs

Maybe the error will be just once, but debug false, what is that?

That error should be a one- off thing. I’ll initiate that for the next release, and remove the error.

The false is some debugging tools I left in there. I’ll remove them in the next release.

Thank you, has been like 30 minutes without any issues or logs, I think I had to remove the devices from long time ago, probably that was my reports of slowing, I replaced the driver but I never deleted the devices.

Lets wait until morning to get wife's report :joy:

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If we don’t hear back by tomorrow we all know what happened... :joy:

Lol, everything is good, :joy:

Thank you

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A quick note — I’ve merged the Bulb/Controller dimmable drivers, since they were the exact same. Less code for me to maintain. You’ll have to copy in the new code or URL to update from 0.87

@adamkempenich - like an idiot i was running Telnet on 2.1. Just changed it today. My hub has been ROUGH lately, a lockup almost daily. How likely was this to be the culprit? (I'm hoping its the reason!)

It shouldn't --- it should actually be smoother on Telnet (theoretically) because there are fewer I/Os to the database.

Does disabling the MH devices fix the lockups?

It may be worth removing and re-adding your MagicHome devices, not that it should change anything, but maybe it would fix some corruption?

Do you have any custom apps running? Feel free to send me a message about that.

That being said, both of my Hubs have been smoothly sailing since last week when I updated. Telnet and Socket performance have been pretty equal.

Thanks Adam. The most interesting updates I’ve made on the hub lately is updating the MH drivers and Combined Presence app. I’ll have to experiment with disabling MH and see if that’s helping things. Be back...

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This WAS the case for me. Hub locking up daily, having to pull power to the hub to get it back. I disabled the MH and smooth for days.

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That’s on telnet and socket? What hub software version?

Last setting was Telnet ON. Always on the latest HE software. Went through a few updates hoping the problem would go away. Since I disabled the device HE is solid.

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Any chance it was corrected with switching to socket, and then saving the device settings? Or by reinstalling the MH devices?

@adamkempenich probably incidental, but since ive switched my devices to Socket theres been no crashes.

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Let’s hope it’s permanently incidental :joy:

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