[Release] Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.88


Nice! Glad to hear that device works. I presume you'll face some issues with the RGB driver (colors, mostly) but power should work. My goal is to get the remaining devices finished by the end of this week.


Yep colors don't seem to work too well, but your effort is much appreciated. These lights are inexpensive compared to some others, so keep up the good work!


Just a quick question, how do I install this? Thanks


Install the code in HE drivers, create a virtual device using this driver, add the IP address of the wifi device in the HE virtual device and save it, click initialize, it must work all other options.


Got it. Thank you


I'm able to turn the LED's on and off from Hubitat. However I'm unable to change the color. Is there something else I needed to do?


All you have to do is wait for me to fix it :slight_smile:

I’m judging a speech meet today, so I’m a day behind in working on these. Let me see if I can push out an update tomorrow.

Edit: In case anyone is wondering, I’ve never judged a speech meet before today. My fiancé volunteered me, but I’m doing okay. :joy:


Oh no problem. Sorry I don't mean to rush you or anything. Take your time. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing or had something set up wrong. Thanks


lol, hope it went well.
I feel I'd loose interest quickly...
I also don't know totally what a speech meet is and probably don't want to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No worries! It’s a simple fix that I just haven’t gotten to, yet :slight_smile:

Competitive speech is exactly what it sounds like—people (students, in this case) giving speeches about different topics in different ways. Persuasion, informative, entertainment, interpretation, etc...
It was a lot of fun! Incredibly draining to judge for my first time, but it was a good experience.

Someone gave a really good speech about school busses. I didn’t expect that, but it was a real treat :cowboy_hat_face:


Here we go! :joy: Time to update these drivers!


I'm here waiting to help in the testing. Thanks.


Test away :slight_smile:

SetColor won't work directly from the driver—but setting colors from Hue/Saturation and rule machine should work. Let me know if it's not working on your hubs and I'll take away some of my development checks in there.

Presets, on/off, color temperature, color.... it all seems to be working.

Refresh will not work, yet.


Can I use this with the rgbw? Both modules I have are rgbw.


Can you send me a URL to the model you have?



Perfect! Give me 10 minutes :wink:


RGBW Controller has been updated and tested. Same issues as the RGB version, but I'll work to update that, as well


Question, how I set the white in this driver, if I use set color temperature 3000, no change, or 5000, no change. Thanks

By the way, there is 2 set color temperature buttons


In this version, there is a separate Set White Level function. You can set a level (0-100) directly from the backend—I just tested this on mine, and it seems to be working fine. Let me know if this function doesn't work.

For color temperature—I see what's going on with it. I'll get that fixed in the next version.

The duplicate entries are an effect from rolling back the to an older version (the newer one introduced some issues that I'm still working through). This will be fixed in the next version, as well.

In the next version, setting the hue to 100 will set the whiteLevel (so that it can be set via rules, etc)