[Release] Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.87


Ok thanks


Think the folks over here should get some love?

I forget if @adamkempenich said it wouldn't work with ST because X...
I just looked at the thread and shook my head, because I remember those days...


Hah! I actually privately released an initial version of a MagicHome driver for SmartThings back in ... 2015? Oof. That was a very different time in my life.

That version required a raspberry pi, and it was incredibly fast... I was doing some really bad/squirrely coding with it—and the system had an active dynamic variable system. It was fast and reliable, though. Holy smokes. I had 3 years of uptime with it—it only stopped once, when the power went out. It was a mess. You can still download it from my GitHub if you're feeling so inclined...

A few people used it, but when Bruce pulled Rule Machine from SmartThings, I pulled my driver as well. A few events happened in my life, and I stepped aside from the project for a couple years while I figured my own stuff out.

I had a direct-connect version of my MH driver partially working, but Samsung refused (and still refuses) to enable raw, unsigned packet transmission—even though it appears the ability is in the hub. There's at least a half-baked version of it in there, but the raw packet transfers were hit-or-miss, so I never released any of my work. I also had a WiOn/Woods driver working, which I will release for HE, but not for ST. It was too unreliable for ST.

TL;DR. Made a device type for SmartThings, pulled it when things went south there for a lot of us. It's still available. Made a few drivers that weren't using supported protocols that won't ever be released.

If they'd like to transition to HE, though, I hear there is a decent MagicHome driver ... :wink: I've been working on it here-and-there throughout the day. I'm excited to get a new version out.


Haha interesting backstory.
Yea I was trying to get MagicHome working on ST before moving here and had tried the method in that post I linked.
I had really mixed results.
I finally got on/off working but no more than that.

So the raw packet transfer is the limitation.
Got it, their loss then...


Too bad we didn't know each other back then. I'd have been happy to help you get it working lol.


Eh no biggie.
Everything in my home is reaching critical mass lately.
Things are all coming together compared to then.
I think I was ready to switch at that time anyway.


Good news. I finished 0.8 this morning. I'm going to let it run on my hub for a few days and see if it causes any issues.
I also did something in the interface for the devices. Staff certainly doesn't endorse this—but I think it's cute and useful.

Hovering over the presets will animate them in the webUI to preview what they do. :cowboy_hat_face:




Alright ...

v0.8 is officially out! PLEASE take a look at the (newly updated) first post, and let me know how things work for you.

There are quite a few changes in this version—I hope this version fixes the hub slowdowns others experienced—mine has been running it for a week or so, and I haven't noticed any odd behavior.

I've also added two NEW devices, and I know there are at least three more to add. Take a look :slight_smile:

Fast edit: I just fixed a bug I noticed. Re-download your drivers if you've already installed.


Tested, works good, I just need to fine tune the temperature settings for set color temperature. Thanks so much.

I use the rgbw controller with ir.



I did some test yesterday, I have 2 rgbw controllers with IR, fisrt I changed the driver to just one of the controllers to see how it worked, well, I have both in a group that contains just both controllers and the one with the new driver stop to work, so I thought maybe was an initialization issue so I just play with settings and it worked again, also noticed a little lag but I thought it was my imagination. Then later I changed the second controller to the new driver, everything worked yesterday. Now this morning my wife said my lights are not working, yeah, those are her lights now! They are installed in the kitchen cabinets and they turn on when she(or any) walks in to the kitchen. I started to look and they where turned on but no light, and I noticed lag on the hub, not bad like in the past but a little, more than when my imagination thought there was a lag.

I believe the lights not turning on is something related with the hue settings, they can't go up to 100 or the rgb will fall to 0. I'm not sure why and how the white channel is getting off too. I noticed its like the driver is mixing the rgb with the white channel, doing the settings below in the picture, clicking set level will turn on the white channel only instead the rgb, then clicking set white level controls the white channel. Unfortunately I don't have any logs. I will play more with them later. Thanks for your help.


Are you assigning both a hue of 100 and setWhite?

Setting the Hue to 100 will adjust the White channel—anything under that will adjust the colors.

If you’re setting the hue to 100 and then setting White to 0, you’re essentially turning off RGB and then turning off the White channel.

Unfortunately, this was the only clean way I could think of to smoothly adjust the White channel.

Edit: I’m wondering if the lag is related to use in a group or not. Keep an eye on it and let me know how it develops. :slight_smile:


You’re quite right. I think I have a fix.

I hope the issues didn’t make your wife too upset :joy:


Lol, I just swapped the drivers to the old one 10 minutes ago :joy: , I noticed after one light lost control, the hub gets slow, I have to click initialize and the light works again, Immediately I change that light driver(the one that lost control) to the old driver the hub gets faster, no reset to the hub.

Thanks for your hard work.


Thanks a ton for doing this! I was hoping I'd be able to integrate with these lights.

I noticed that the link in your summary for RGB + WWCW bulbs is a broken link btw, although the code is in your git repo, just fyi


Thanks! Update coming tonight for that driver btw. Fixes a very big issue (and probably introduces 10 more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


No problem as long we have something to do for fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahah THIS version will add in the bug of randomly turning on 20 seconds after you turn them off :joy:



I haven't implemented this driver on my own hub yet, but I just wanted to show my appreciation and support. I was looking at these exact RGB strips today, and I am glad to see this fantastic implementation for hubitat. Can't wait to get tinkering! Thanks for all your hard work!!!



Glad to hear it! I have a supplemental revision for beta 0.8 that's undergoing testing right now. I hope it works well for you :slight_smile: Let me know of any bugs you encounter and I'll get to fixing them as soon as I can.