[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20230311

I am willing to work on this. :slight_smile:

Do you have any insight on the information coming back from the hub? In your code is there somewhere to see the full json response?


Have you figured out a way to query devices/capabilities from the Hub?

When the config is requested, all activities and devices are returned in the json response. I simply focused on the Activities in the parse Routine.

Simply uncomment the second log.debug below to see the full json string.

def parse(String description) {
    //log.debug "parsed $description"
    def json = null;
        json = new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parseText(description)
        //log.debug "${json}"    
        if(json == null){
            log.warn "String description not parsed"
    }  catch(e) {
        log.error("Failed to parse json e = ${e}")

If you click REFRESH, the config from the Harmony Hub is requested, and you’ll be able to see the massive json response.

Sorry if this has already been covered (I couldn't see it had)

Is it possible for hubitat to see button presses from the harmony. I am desperately looking for a solution for light changes based on the play /pause / stop state of a media player. I used this successful with Plex and smartthings but I want to achieve something similar with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. Home assistant has a "media player" module that works with Roku and I think provides this functionality. Has anyone implementated something similar with harmony (or anything else)? I know that we can change the lights when an activity is triggered but I am looking but at triggers when media is paused / stopped.

Currently @ogiewon’s awesome driver only support activities. I have been working on a Harmony devices but will only be focusing on Televisions and Audio Receivers for the first go around. I need it for specific functionality I am attempting to do through the Magic Cube. :wink:

Look into the HubConnect app from @srwhite. It will allow you to sync/push HE devices to SmartThings so that you can then use the ST Harmony Hub integration to get your home control buttons working on your remote.

I was seeking a solution for being able to use some of my dimmers/lights with my 2 Harmony remotes' home control buttons. I use the HubConnect app to push 4 sets of lights/dimmers to ST, which I still use for it's native Harmony Hub integration.

My ST hub sees the lights/dimmers from HE and I configured the Harmony Hub ST integration to use those lights. Doing so allowed me to set the home control buttons on my Elite and Companion remotes to control those lights/dimmers. One press turns on the lights. A press and hold turns them off. And, the best part, is that the up/down toggle button controls the dimming.

Once you set this up, you can also use your lights with play, pause, stop, etc.

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Many thanks for the replies. Sounds like a great setup - but I got lost at the end!

From what I can see - set up harmony on ST and use hubconnect to push to HE. What is the process to actually link to play/pause etc?

Many thanks!

You do that in your Harmony remote setup. Once you have HubConnect setup and ST sees your HE lights, setup the Harmony Hub integration on ST. Tell the integration to use whatever lights you want from ST.

Once that is done, go into your remote setup and configure the play, pause, stop, etc. buttons to do whatever you want with your lights. You are basically editing the existing button commands to add a command to turn on, dim or turn off your lights.

For example, I have my play button turn off all lights when a blu-ray starts or a movie starts in Apple TV. My pause button pauses the movie and raises only one set of lights to 25%. Stop button stops the movie and turns all lights back on.

You can also setup the Home Control buttons if your remote has them.

Thanks for this - I had no idea you could customise buttons like that in Harmony. I’m almost there but the issue I am having is when I try and edit the remote (e.g for an Amazon Fire Stick), and use a sequence, it does not show Smartthings / Lights under the devices. I can see the lights in Harmony and control then seperately, but not as part of a sequence! Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Seems to be a similar issue to here. Have things been updated since then? Forums


It looks like sequences cannot control home automation lighting. I could have sworn I set that up, but I may be remembering doing so on and older Harmony remote with a different lighting setup. It appears that you can only add home automation lighting to startup and shutdown activities, as well as the individual home control buttons (if your remote has them). Sorry for any confusion on this.

Apologies for the entry level question, it's my first day with my Hubitat.

The README instructions for Create Hubitat Driver include the following step:

I'm a bit lost with what to do here - the Github link includes a long list of drivers. Do I need to create each of these as separate drivers as well as the original Parent?

Or only install on a case by case basis if I'm using the type of device related to a specific child driver?

I only use common AV devices for control via my harmony, no smart devices, so my guess is that none of these child drivers are required?

Again, apologies for the lame noob question. Any help much appreciated

The child switch is required. It will be used to create a child device representing each of your logitech activities and can report either on/off events.

Thanks for lightening fast response. Unfortunately the penny still hasn't dropped for me.

There is a long list of child switches, how do I know which one to use?
(As I type this I feel like I have even less idea of what I'm doing than I thought!)

Use the one named child-switch.groovy. The rest are other Drivers that Dan has created for other uses.


@ryansmission - Thanks for the feedback. I have revised the ReadMe's link to point to the exact "Child Switch" driver to avoid any confusion for future users.


A thousand thank-you's to @Brandon and @ogiewon. It's all working like a charm now. Fantastic piece of coding!


thanks. was able to install the drivers on my HE Hub. How do i map my lights/switches that are on HE hub to buttons on my Harmony Elite remote ? used to be able to connect Harmony to ST to pull in the details. am missing that part of the setup

You're not missing anything. That is really not possible with this integration. This simply provides a means to map Harmony Activities into Hubitat.

Note: A saavy user or two has accomplished using the Harmony Elite smart device buttons, but it takes some customization and ingenuity.

Thank you @ogiewon!

This is a nice integration. I can control my activities really well (especially turn them off when they're not supposed to be turned on :smiley:)

One question - is there any way to control individual devices through this integration? I'm guessing not, or at least I couldn't find any. I'm currently using HA-Bridge running on an Odroid for that.