[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20210725

Thank you @fabien.giuliano and @abuttino! I have incorporated the code changes into my GitHub version.

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I've only connected myself now after a few days offline, happy to see my post was useful. Thank you !

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Did you make any changes to this?

I have the log running and it shows that the + and - button are getting 'button pressed' as well as the level being adjusted.

Maybe something should be better in and else statement.

Again, I haven't looked at the code yet... Doing it now. If necessary, I'll edit this post.

No, I don't believe I made any changes that would impact that behavior. All I did was some code cleanup. This issue is what I was concerned about initially...that the increase/decrease button presses might not be discernable from the pushed/held presses of the other 4 buttons.

Please let me know what you find.

It just needs a second piston in webCoRE. Can't do it in the same piston as the button pushing and holding.

Is there any plan to add Hubitat Package Manager support? I think this would be a significant value add to keep users up to date.


I am not actively working on adding any of my code to the Community Hubitat Package Manager. I do not personally use HPM, and most of my code is fairly mature and thus does not change very frequently. I also would hate for users to blindly upgrade the code via HPM, discover issues, and then have to deal with the fallout... I see the value in HPM, but I am just not overly eager to have to maintain yet another tool.

Thank you for your understanding.


I didn't see this mentioned in this thread but is there any way to make the rocker buttons work?

I assume you're referring to the 'Home Control' bulb and socket buttons? If so, here's a good place to start reading the thread...

No, I'm referring to the + / - button between the bulb and socket buttons. It shows in the log that it's changing the level of the associated bulb but it doesn't actually affect the bulb itself.


So, the data is being collected and events are being fired. It is up to the user to determine how to use that data. @abuttino and @fabien.giuliano may be able to explain how they are using that data. It is not perfect, but it's something. :wink:

Here is something that might help you.

FYI I noticed that you have taken all the child devices off the beginning of this thread. Trying to install for a friend and there were no children getting made, had to use my drivers code from you to get him running.

Not sure what you’re referring to exactly. I haven’t removed anything. The Child Switch driver is linked in the ReadMe. I just verified that the link still works.

OOPS!! Sorry about that. I see it now.

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Thanks. I ended up just mirroring the device's level to the bulb1level attribute's level. If Bulb 1 changes to 90% then the Lamp's level changes to 90%. The granularity of the rocker switch being in 10% increments kind of sucks but it works well enough.

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I have a Harmony setup that needs to turn on a few plugs for Amps, Subs.
I understood that I monitor the Harmony activity and use RM to do that.

I want a signle rule that monitors the Harmony activity and if ON, switches on the outlets. If OFF turns the outlets off as well.

Can I do that inb one rule? Here is what I have but it's not working. Outlets do not turn on.
Or do I need two RM rules, one for ON and one for OFF?

What am I missing?

Use conditional actions (If-Then)

You can use one RM rule, but it really would be simpler to use the built-in Simple Automation Rules app as shown below.


Works thank you!


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