[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20190723


The Logitech Harmony App on your mobile phone has no Hubitat integration options that I am aware of. My Logitech Harmony Hub driver simply requires one to manually add a virtual device in Hubitat, and assign the IP Address of the Harmony Hub to the user preference settings and click save. It then connects directly to the Harmony Hub via webSockets and will automatically create a child device for each Harmony Activity. The Harmony App on the phone is not used for this integration.

That's some good feedback. Glad to hear it's working fine for your setup.


I did this while connected to the harmony hub via the computer. It's been a year or better, and I'm at work, so I can't connect, but I can certainly check and confirm when I get home. I just feel that it was something that I did for some reason. My computer is off due to bad storms last night with a power outage. If I can get my husband to press that button, I'll check my home computer to see if I can find it.


Add this to your, "What else can I automate List".
Or cross it off your list now if your pc supports WOL.


I ..... LOVE YOU




It'll be nice to be able to run commands in an event. I'm surprised I never looked into this. I haven't been able to look .. being at work and all, but I should, cuz I'm definitely not getting any work done. Could this be modified for a shutdown as well? Oh WHY can't the day be over? It's 5 o'clock somewhere!


Unfortunately not. Wake on Lan can only do just that..wake. I know others have been able to do shutdowns (and a bunch of other pc related things) with eventghost on ST. I haven't had a need for this myself so I never really looked into it.


We had severe weather and power outages last night. My computers suffered from that power outage at 3 am. I might look into that.


I looked into my harmony app and there's not a place to add the connection. So many things in the beginning required this, I'm obviously mistaken about having to do that here.


Hey @april.brandt, I’ve ported the TRIGGERcmd app from ST just last night, I’m using this for shutting down my PC. I’ll hopefully be sharing today once I’ve tested it fully. You can pay for this, for multiple PCs, but for a single PC it’s free.


[GASP!] Fer meee? Awh! NO WAY!