[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20190723


Hey Dan @ogiewon

This integration looks great. I have what may be a silly question. On my rPI where HousePanel is running I also have the Harmony API service operating which KuKu Harmony uses so my question is will these two conflict? I also still have the ST integration and it seems to work. In that integration I use Harmony to set a ST virtual switch which I assume I don’t need to do here. Oh ... and I only have KuKu because the ST integration doesn’t support volume and channel so I assume I can now ditch that.


I don't think these two should conflict, as KuKu uses XMPP (IIRC) and my Hubitat/Harmony integration uses webSockets.

Maybe? Depends on how KuKu implemented volume and channel capabilities. My Hubitat/Harmony integration only allows you to adjust up/down the volume or channel, relative to where it currently is. I do not expose the ability to enter a channel number, for example. Also, currently the volume adjustments are somewhat small - equivalent to a single button press of the volume up or volume down button on your remote.


Okay I will keep KuKu then since it also exposes channel numbers.

KuKu has the same limitation. In my macros I work around this by pressing it 5 times with a delay in between.



@aaron pushed a Pull Request for this integration which I merged in last night. It allows you to specify how many times to 'repeat' the volume button press for each call to the parent device's volumeUp() and volumeDown() commands. This should make it simpler.


I got this installed today and it works like a charm. Very nicely done Dan.