[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20190723


I don't currently. Thanks for mentioning other solutions. Will continue to use the remote app for now. If I lose enough sleep I may look in to your suggested recommendation.

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I’ve added a new activity in the harmony app. What do I need to do get that into Hubitat?


IIRC, just go into the parent device and click REFRESH. That should create any new Activities automagically.


After I synced the remote and refreshed Hubitat it worked. Great app, thanks!


I am new to Harmony remotes. I have picked up two Harmony Elites and I want some suggestions on how to integrate it into HE. What is everybody doing with their integration? I am not sure I understand why we would want to integrate Harmony into HE.


I have backlighting turn on and off with my living room TV, and in the master bedroom we have a sound machine that turns off if the TV is turned on, and vice versa. Also have Hubitat shut everything off when we leave the house.


So basically I could have a Rule that when certain activities on Harmony are "on" then dim the lights, etc. I currently have my TV's plugged into smart plugs and I have the lights go down if the power goes above 10. So I could use the plugs somewhere else if I utilized harmony instead! How do you have harmony setup with Amazon? They have an Amazon skill but I don't know if you can have more than one hub on it. Can you link the Harmony in HE to the Amazon Echo Skill in HE to have more than one hub?


Alexa and Google Assistant see the activities as switches from Hubitat, so you can turn any activity or off from any Harmony hub. So in cases where Echo or Google Home can only control one Harmony hub, you can at least use this integration to turn the other one on or off.


There are two Harmony skills for Alexa. There's one just called "Harmony" that has more capability and that you should use if you only have one Harmony Hub. There's a second skill called "Harmony - Secondary Hub" that you can use to pair a second hub. Logitech doesn't recommend using it, and I can't speak to it myself as I have only one hub. But I know other people use it and Logitech hasn't taken it down.


very well written, did it all step by step and have this setup now, many thanks!


We don't seem to have this secondary skill in Canada.


sorry - follow up to my post, if there is every an update to the driver / app for community code how do we update that ?


Simply copy and paste the new code into the existing custom driver page, or use the import option and enter the "raw" github address.


Is it better to use the Alexa skill or do the HE harmony integration and then put it through Amazon Echo Skill?


The native Harmony/Alexa direct integration gives you much more capabilities than if running Harmony through HE or ST. Turn on channels by name or nickname ("Alexa, turn on HGTV" and "Alexa, turn on the Red Sox"), adjust the volume ("Alexa, turn down the volume"). These can now even be room-specific, so you can have Alexa automate one Harmony in your Media Room, and another in your Bedroom (for example), although you may need to occasionally remind her which room you are in (lest "Alexa, turn off the TV" turns off the TV that you partner was watching in the other room :wink: ).


How do you do that? I have two harmonies and I have to name them by room. IE: Watch TV in Livingroom, Watch TV in Basement.


Create Rooms in the Alexa app and assigned the Harmony and the Echo for each room to the same room.

Granted, it's hit-or-miss, at least to start, but it seems Alexa eventually figures out the context, as she also does for SONOS and Echos in the same (Alexa) Room.

[Edit]: I think it helps if everything has the same name prefix, as in:

Room: Bedroom
Echo: Bedroom Echo
SONOS: Bedroom Sonos
Harmony: Bedroom Harmony
TV: Bedroom HDTV


@ogiewon, where can I find the list of supported recievers? I looked in docs and am not finding them there.

I am going to be installing your Harmony app today. Thanks for the great work.



Not exactly sure what you mean...? If you have a Logitech Harmony Hub/Remote control, and it controls your Home Theater equipment already, then my Harmony Hub Driver will allow Hubitat to turn On/Off any of your existing Logitech Harmony ACTIVITIES. It does not allow you to have control over individual devices (e.g. TV, Receiver, Roku, etc...)