[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20190723



It looks like sequences cannot control home automation lighting. I could have sworn I set that up, but I may be remembering doing so on and older Harmony remote with a different lighting setup. It appears that you can only add home automation lighting to startup and shutdown activities, as well as the individual home control buttons (if your remote has them). Sorry for any confusion on this.


Apologies for the entry level question, it's my first day with my Hubitat.

The README instructions for Create Hubitat Driver include the following step:

I'm a bit lost with what to do here - the Github link includes a long list of drivers. Do I need to create each of these as separate drivers as well as the original Parent?

Or only install on a case by case basis if I'm using the type of device related to a specific child driver?

I only use common AV devices for control via my harmony, no smart devices, so my guess is that none of these child drivers are required?

Again, apologies for the lame noob question. Any help much appreciated


The child switch is required. It will be used to create a child device representing each of your logitech activities and can report either on/off events.


Thanks for lightening fast response. Unfortunately the penny still hasn't dropped for me.

There is a long list of child switches, how do I know which one to use?
(As I type this I feel like I have even less idea of what I'm doing than I thought!)


Use the one named child-switch.groovy. The rest are other Drivers that Dan has created for other uses.


@ryansmission - Thanks for the feedback. I have revised the ReadMe's link to point to the exact "Child Switch" driver to avoid any confusion for future users.


A thousand thank-you's to @Brandon and @ogiewon. It's all working like a charm now. Fantastic piece of coding!


thanks. was able to install the drivers on my HE Hub. How do i map my lights/switches that are on HE hub to buttons on my Harmony Elite remote ? used to be able to connect Harmony to ST to pull in the details. am missing that part of the setup


You're not missing anything. That is really not possible with this integration. This simply provides a means to map Harmony Activities into Hubitat.

Note: A saavy user or two has accomplished using the Harmony Elite smart device buttons, but it takes some customization and ingenuity.


Thank you @ogiewon!

This is a nice integration. I can control my activities really well (especially turn them off when they're not supposed to be turned on :smiley:)

One question - is there any way to control individual devices through this integration? I'm guessing not, or at least I couldn't find any. I'm currently using HA-Bridge running on an Odroid for that.


Currently, no... Another user was working on adding Device control capability, but it gets very complicated, very quickly as many Home Entertainment Devices do not map very well into Hubitat Devices.


Yup. I can see that. My need was for volume control, which would map to a virtual dimmer very nicely. Turn it up a couple notches when the air-handler blower comes on, and crank it down when it goes off ....


I created an activity on my harmony that does nothing but turn up the volume. I can access it from HE and Alexa. Should work for what you want.


If you still have your ST hub you can do this easily, and it's what I am using. Setup everything in HE. Then, use the Hubconnect App by @srwhite to push the devices you want to control via Harmony to ST. You can then use the ST Harmony integration to setup the home control buttons on your remote. You would only be using ST for the Harmony integration.


That's what I did and it works really well. It took me a couple tries to get the hub connect devices to become visible in the harmony app but once done I was back to where I was before when using only a Smarthings hub which was the last bit of moving all my devices over to Hubitat.


How did you do that exactly? Doesn't that then switch your Harmony remote to being in that activity when you activate it?

E.g. if you are currently in say "watch TV" or "watch satellite" activity doesn't the remote then change to "volume up" activity?


Yes I guess it would. We never use the harmony remote.


Yup, that's exactly what happens. So setting up a separate activity to control the volume alone doesn't work for me.

I'm back to using HA-bridge on my Odroid to independently control the sound level (if necessary). And I just realized that HA-Bridge accepts HTTP requests, so Hubitat can directly send commands to it.


I haven't looked at the code yet, as my coding skills are generally limited to using google to modify things others have created. I only use my harmony hub to turn devices on and off as part of hubitat sequences (maybe 7 devices). Right now I have a convoluted system where hubitat sends a http request to tasker which then controls harmony thru a plugin that grabs all the device commands.

Would it be fairly simple for me to modify the code for or on/off commands only? I know not officially supported but it seems others might have simple device commands working.

I found previously (a long time ago) that using separate activities for on and off was a little slow to respond and the harmony didnt react well to multiple activity requests in short timeframes.

Just looking for thoughts before I dig in!


I've posted this before, but for those that are looking for activity control, there is always the Harmony API built on node.js that still works. I've been using it for 2+ years now without an issue.

To use it with HE, one just simply needs to issue HTTP GET/POST requests to the API via RM. Using this method, you could use a button remote to control the volume on an individual device or even dashboard tiles.